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Weel this just gets better and better. I'm really getting into this trip, it's been a lot of fun from the start.

We ventured for Boston on saturday afternoon after f**king around all day in Middletown trying in vain to kick our hangovers. Hair of the dog didn't work, I left it far too late. It's got to be first thing when you wake up to pre empt the hangover. Got into Boston at about 6pm and hit the offie for a box of beer. We were staying in Laurie's boss Paul's house in Waltham which is a suburb outside the city, a nice wee place, predominantly Italian with a lot of Irish. I quickly discovered when we went out that my celebrity status I had enjoyed in Connecticut had disappeared- the Irish in Boston are so many that they are not a minority, in fact they have a reputation for getting wasted and starting fights... funny that. In fact it's a small but very active minority that spoiled it for the rest of us.

Next day we headed into the city after waiting nearly two hours for a bus- American public transport is really poor cause everyone drives everywhere. We got talking to this woman on the bus who was heading our way so offered to take us to the next bus stop that we needed to go to. We got off at the same stop as her and she only lived round the corner so she offered for us to go back to hers for a beer. So we decided to f**k the sight seeing and go to hers instead.

So yesterday I moved on, I caught the early morning flight out of Boston to Chicago, then a quick 20 minute flight in the tiniest plane I've ever been on from there inland from the lake to Madison Wisconsin. Madison is a class place, Wisconsin is the Dairy State so there is loads of ceramic cows everywhere painted by local artists and put on display all over the city. I spent the afternoon wandering round looking at stuff and getting sunburnt before meeting up with Sarah round 6. Her friends had organised a BBQ in the park with a waterfight and a mud wrestling tournament but the mud wrestling never happened
and the waterfight was just a few kids running round with sponges. Nevertheless it was a fun night, I met a load of quality people who I am looking forward to a fun week with. Today Im going to an Irish bar to watch the Brazil Croatia game then out tonight for a few.

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photo by: bubu932