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Back at the office today.

For lunch, we went to local neighborhood hole in wall for traditional Laksa soup dish, and fish in banana leaf.  Very tasty!

Then I went to the clinic downstairs because my stuffy ear had been bothering me for the last few days.  I finally decided to get it checked out before flying.  (Not sure I'd mentioned this in previous posts, but my ear had progressively been getting worse.  Stuffier and stuffier, harder to hear.)

The doctor at the clinic said that it was really hard to see anything other than a lot of wax, and that I should go see an ENT specialist so they could clean the ear out and check to make sure there was no further damage to ear drum or something.  She seemed to indicate this was pretty important to do before flying - as the pressure change could potentially cause damage and/or severe pain if there really was something wrong with my ear/drum.

So here's the amazing part.  They booked me into the hospital for a 2:15p apppointment.  And the hospital was across town.  Oh boy, i thought, there goes my afternoon.  Well, not quite.  I took a cab from the office at 1:55pm to the hospital.  I was back at the office at 2:55pm.  In an hour, I made the trip to/from the hospital and saw the ENT specialist who cleared out wax from both ears (using strange vacuum/suction technique that made me a bit nervous).  Talk about efficient.  I'm used to the US where you wait 20 min to get to the exam room, then 20 min for doctor to come in, then 10 min to pay, etc.  Not here.  In/out/done.

I finished work that day, and then met a coworker and his wife out for drinks at the hotel bar.  This was my final night in Singapore - I leave tomorrow for Thailand!  (Well, I would return for Singapore in a few days for one final night before I fly back to SFO).

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