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Ok, admittedly, I had a bit of a headache from last night.  So I slept in for a bit, but then started getting antsy - I needed to figure out what I was doing next week for my mini-vacation.  (I had about 4-5 days between ending work and needing to fly home.  Where should I go?  I had asked people at work and elsewhere - and seemed like every person I asked had a different suggestion.  There were just so many places in Southeast Asia!  I will need to plan a long trip here some day!!) 

Shame on me, I never really did a lot of research *before* going on this trip.  So in the end, I opted for something cheap, easy, and not too remote - something that wouldn't require a lot of planning or thought-out logistics.

Phuket, Thailand was the decision.   The flight was cheap, and *maybe* i could squeeze in a boat trip to a more remote island.  We'll see.

I went online and made a hotel reservation first.  And then tried to book my flight.  But my credit card on the second transaction wouldn't go through.  It turns out, the hotel reservation booking agent was based in London, and Bank of America saw this transaction in London (when they knew I was going to be in Asia) and cut off my card!!  Frustrating.  My hangover headache turned into a credit card headache. 

It took me literally 5 phones, 85 minutes of hold-time, and another hour of talk-time and/or internet surfing to figure all this out, get it resolved, and book my flight to Thailand. 

So there goes my Saturday... and my cell phone bill.

After this fiasco, I did finally get outside and walk around Orchard Road shopping district.  This strip of malls and high-end stores was pretty amazing, and crowded.  I hit the "Food Republic" on the 4th floor of one of the malls.  I ordered a won ton and noodle soup.  Yum.

That night, I took it easy...

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