Pinnacles Desert, Pink Lake, Hutt River Province

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We have left later then intended, it was definitely because our lack of planning and the suddenness of the road trip. there are 4 of us in the camper van, but only 3 seats. there is me, Mandy(owner and English), Adam(Swedish) and Joel (English).

the first night has been a disaster, shortly after we fell asleep it started raining. I purchased a swag from a guy at the hostel before a left for 100$ and tried it out the first night. it is fully waterproof etc, but the only problem like with a tent if you touch the sides you get soaked. and because i am fairly wide i got drenched so much so that when i put my head on my pillow in the middle of the night water came out of my pillow.

it has been rainy and overcast for 3 or 4 days now, everything has been soaked and without the sun we cant dry anything. we have taken to everyone eating and sleeping in the camper van because of the weather so it is very cramped.
we have to fit 3 people on the queen mattress in the back and one laid across the front seats (the most uncomfortable position)

the first attraction on our trip is the Pinnacles desert. i was not too impressed, it just seemed like a bunch of rocks sticking out of the ground, maybe because it was overcast and cold it didn't feel like a desert. the constant rains have made out trip to Hutt river province and Kalbarri NP impossible so we had to take a detour which caused us to stumble upon the Pink Lakes(lagoons with a lot of algae) i really enjoyed those as they were unique and i have never seen anything like it. it is a shame i was really looking forward to see Hutt river province, it is an independent sovereign state that seceded from Australia in the 1970s through a loop hole.
  it is around the same size as hong kong, though Australia does not officially acknowledge it's independence. you can go there and get a stamp on your passport for their country and meet the prince and get some of their currency, a little bit of a tourist trap but definitely off the beaten path.

i have found the best meat pies in all of OZ in a little privately run gas station in Geraldton. only 4 dollars and everything was super fresh, definitely worth it.

we are heading as far north as possible now to try and escape the crap weather.

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everyone at the start of the walk
everyone at the start of the walk
the camper van we are driving in.
the camper van we are driving in.
photo by: cimtech