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we are leaving litchfield today but instead of going straight to darwin, we are stopping just before at a village called humpty doo. it is suppose to have the stereotypical road house bar. there is a rift in the cars, some people want to go while others dont, some people have come around and are joining us in the bar. we have all agreed to get different items and share everything. two people got snitzel and one got a barramundi burger. as we sat down with a nice cold beer (which we havnt had a in long time) the locals came over to introduce themselves and say hi. they wer all older around 60 to 70 range some were even in the vietnam war. as you get more  and more people were involved in nam. i wonder if it is because of the lack of education and increased patriotism that more people are recruited and sign up from these areas. the food was excellent, as usual at these types of places. there are usually live bands playing but not tonight. we asked if we could sleep in the parking lot of the road house because it was so late to drive. the owner said it was ok. but a local who over heard invited us to stay at his place. you know when you are in the boons when a man goes to the bar on a saturday night with his 13 year old son and says just follow me back to my  place and dont worry if i swerve, i have had a few as he gets into his car with his kid.

the man was very nice and went all out for us. he made the extra bedroom up for us and pulled out both the couchs and kept up a steady stream of beer the whole night. but through out the night things got a little odd. some people made comments about things in his house and had no idea about them. then i was taking pictures of everyone seitting around drinking and he asked me not to take pictures with him in them, and finally he didnt know if there was hot water installed in his shed (where two of us were going to stay). so needless to say we all got up early, hung over to hell, and left saying goodbye and thianking him for his hospitality. we are headed for darwin not sure what to expect.

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