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Day 2 (25 June) • Sabtang Island Tour

1. Savidug Vernacular Houses / Traditional Lime Kilns
2. Savidug Ruins/Savidug Idjang/Savidug Church
3. Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio Views
4. Chavayan Community Tour (UNESCO Nominated Site)
5. Chavayan Traditional Ivatan Village
6. Chavayan Church
7. Nakabuang Arch/Beach

Sabtang is the second of the 3 populated islands of Batanes. I believe it is a must to visit  if only for the spectacular view of Chamantad-Tinyan Sitio.  From Batan, you will have to ride a boat for 45 minutes to get to Sabtang.  Our ride was relatively pleasant because there wasn't much waves during that day.  A few steps from the port, we went to a small local diner wehre we had our breakfast.

  We saw live  coconut crabs (called tatus) and we took turns looking at it and taking pictures.  This is the most expensive food here in batanes.  They also have lobsters but they're are relatively cheaper than this and way much cheaper compared to the prices in Manila.  Nevertheless, tatus seem to be much tastier than lobsters..nevertheless, with the price of P800/kg where most of the weight consists of its heavy shell..i will be happy with just the lobster :P  But it is indeed worth tasting :)  We had tatus on the first day in batanes for lunch and on this day, tatus is again part of our lunch which we are going to have in Nakabuang Beach :)  One of my officemate was already worried of having high blood pressure with all the shellfish we have been eating for the consecutive 2 days.
:)  The best meal we had during our 5 days stay in batanes is the one catered in nakabuang beach.  They even have of sweetened fried banana and bukayo (sweetened coconut meat).  the latter became the favorite of one of my officemates tho I'm pretty sure that the sweetened banana will be more favored by japaenese.  My officemate who studied in japan said that her classmates in japan would request for her to cook some banana cue which is essentially the sweetened banana on a stick.  They call it sweet banana :)  The type of banana used to prepare this dish is a specific kind which is a bit more tougher than the usual banana we eat from its peel.  This banana is called "saba" in my country.  It's more bigger but shorter than the usual bananas we could buy from grocery :)

We came back to Batan in the afternoon, around 3pm with the boat used by the other passengers we were with on the way to sabtang.

  Tho we are already large as a group of 12pax, there's even a larger group representing backpackers' photography.  They have SLRs and the fancy gadgets of photographers.  My officemate would sometimes be looking at them with envy.  She is very much into photography and dream to have all those gadgets.  I am happy with my point and shoot :)  I prefer to travel light and I can't have another bag to carry just for the camera and it's accessories..which doesn't yet include tripods,'s too much for me :P

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Sabtang Island
photo by: TravellinChic