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My SeaAir flight was at 5.45am at the Domestic airport and to make sure I will be early, I left home at 3am and got at the airport around 3.30am which is too early for check-in. I bought cofee inside the airport and wait. After finishing my coffee, the check-in counter opened and I fall in line. A few minutes and my companions started to arrive. After checking in, I went to departure area but get out again to tell my companions about the inflight magazine the airport officials told me I could get for free which features Batanes. Since it's still early, we decided to have breakfast at a nearby Jollibee :) We went back at 5am and waited at departure area. After a while we started boarding and I was pleasantly surprised to learn I am in the side of single seater row where I am both on window and aisle seat.

I am now liking small planes :)

I was also surprised that there is a snack given during the flight. A fudge bar and small bottle water. Not long after I saw some nice islands and started clicking. Wow..this is already looking promising.

I never believed in love at first sight but then, Batanes has a way of making a believer out of a person and this is just what I felt when I arrived in Batanes. Even before we landed, we already got a view of the Batanes islands and it's beautiful. When we get out of the plane, we were greeted by fresh breeze, warm sun and magnificent view of Mt. Iraya. My officemate couldn't help but say, "I want to go back (to Batanes)" for which we all laughed telling him, you have just landed and haven't left yet!

I am a fan of light traveling and unless I'm flying to a different continent, I only bring handcarried luggage.

.no check in.  So after we landed, I just explored the small airport and waited until all my companions got their luggages.  Krizia from Batanes Resort was already waiting outside with the my companions' name written on a signboard.  We had fun taking photos of her :P

Our airport trnsfer vehicle is already waiting and so is our tour guide. :)  There are 2 service vehicles brought for the 12 of us + Krizia + tour guide, Jacklord  so it was quite spacious for all of us.

When we arrived, Jacklord asked what time would we want to start our tour and since it's only 8am, we said maybe around 9am should be fine :)  We were checked-in by Krizia and a guy carried our bags to show our room.  I followed him while my roommates were still talking with Krizia.

  After a few steps going up, I reached our room and saw that it's clean and the bathroom is pleasant.  Then, when I moved the curtain...WOW!  What a view!  So this is what Krizia was telling me about being one of the rooms with the best view..indeed!  I have barely slept the nights before but I feel a renewed but calming energy with this sight..I could just sit and stare at it for minutes..maybe even hours :)

A few minutes of being in a trance, I started to unpack to prepare for the beginning of our tour.  Minutes later, my roommates came and they were amazed as well by the view and we took turns taking photos.

Later someone was asking about breakfast.  We learned after a while that there is free breakfast at the first day of check-in.

  Very cool!  I ordered longganisa and egg with rice.  Yum-yum!  When it was served everyone started eating and the only words spoken is about passing teh vinegar or coffee, etc. :)  We already had breakfast in Manila but this is too good to pass :P  We each have our own set breakfast plate and the serving is big enough to fill a hungry man.

After we all had our fill, we were all set to go.  Our tour guide has been waiting outside already so we better get going :)

TravellinChic says:
Cool! :) Ok, if I heard of promo, will pass on info :)
Posted on: Apr 30, 2012
TravellinChic says:
Yes, we should :) Let's keep each other updated :)
Posted on: Apr 10, 2012
wanderlust_rxist0324 says:
let's go! hope there would be seat sale again. let's all watch out for that.
Posted on: Apr 10, 2012
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