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I first dreamed of visiting Batanes after reading feature story on an airline magazine.  It was more on pictures and less on words and it was a short feature but what strikes me the most were not just the photos but the words written by the writer.  First, he said that even tho he has never tried and never dreamed of being a painter, when he was in Batanes, the beauty and tranquility inspired him to try his hand on painting.  But the striking statement is when he said that he would like to stay and live there.  He didn't say it like the reader/guest would want to live there..but that HE wanted to live there..I'm expecting the former which is a usual statement but the latter is something else..like it's a beguiling place that will make anyone wants to stay.  I am so intrigued and amazed by the photos that I know I should visit in someday.  However, the flights are relatively expensive in a sense that I could already fly out in a different country with the airfare to Batanes, the northernmost part of the Philippines.  Also, the fact that there's only one airline servicing the route and the only alternative is by sea which will take 4 days..it seemed very restrictive.  I was also worried about stories of people getting starnded in the island which doesn't sound an ideal situation for me considering I usually could only take a specific days of leave.  So I included this as a dream destination until the time I have more savings and has a special event and special someone to share the experience with. However, sometimes, life presents you something unexpected..for me it was a pleasant surprise!  Last March, I was trying to arranged the flight bookings and trip itinerary of my European friends coming to Philippines and so i was looking at all options including all flight options so Seaair was one of those I looked into.  As luck would have it, seaair at that time was celebrating it's 15th years of operation and therefore giving away discounts on all flights of Php1,500 each way per person for flights to be taken from mid-June to August.  When I checked, the flights would cost me less than P7,000 with return, all-in.  This is very cheap because when I first learned about Batanes, I checked the flight and the rate is P13,000 or more.  I got excited and checked the weather of Batanes during the period I could buy the tickets.  I found out that Batanes has a different weather from the rest of the Philippines because it's in the northernmost and it's proximity to Taiwan made it more like Taiwan and therefore they also have 4 seasons.  The important thing I found was that June is still summer in Batanes unlike the rest of Philippines where it's already monsoon.  Next, I looked into my calendar to see whether there are long weekends where I could take the trip.  I learned that June 24 (thursday) will be Manila day and a holiday in my company which means if I take a leave on friday, I could have 4 whole days to stay in Batanes.  I decided that the best will be to come back on Monday morning where I plan to go to the office straight from the airport so that I will only be "late for work" but not on leave.  The only consideration left is whether I ask someone to come or I go alone.  The promo period is already about to finish and the day I found it was the last 3 days I could book the flight with a P3,000 discount for roundtrip flights.  I thought that regardless of whether I will be alone or not, I will go there because this is an opportunity I can't miss so I just booked the flight.  the following day, I asked people to come with me but most were not interested.  I learned from a friend that an officemate (Karen) of ours also dream of going to Batanes so i contacted her and told her about the promo.  She was very interested.  However, it took her a bit while to finally decide that when she booked, the promo was gone.  Nevertheless, she still booked the same flights and I was so happy to learn I have a companion to Batanes.  Later on she asked me if it's ok with me that some officemates also booked their flights to join us.  I said, it's fine as the more will be merrier.  Also, I think it will be economical that more will be sharing the cost of the tour guide and van hire.  Later, there were more people who did the same and before we know it we were already 12 peaople from the same company going to Batanes :P  By then, Karen was already worried that it could be a bit too big to manage but we couldnt do anything about it anymore so we just think it's going to be alright :) I had a headstart on the research of batanes and since I am still working on the trip of my European friends, I forwarded to karen all the research I did about Batanes.  Karen is also a traveler and good on planning trips so once I have already contacted potential accommodation options and zeroed in on Batanes resort (government owned resort), I handed on to Karen the management of the rest.  There wasn't much to do anyway, as Krizia already provided the tour guide and other info needed.  SO Karen took charge of paying our deposit and finalizing with the tour guide and everything is already set :)
TravellinChic says:
Thanks raghunathsingh503, Glynnes, rsvpme and cotton_foam! :)
Posted on: Feb 05, 2015
cotton_foam says:
Congrats, Natalie! Siempre, Batanes yata yan!!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2015
rsvpme says:
Congrats on making feature....
Posted on: Feb 02, 2015
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photo by: cotton_foam