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Hi my name is Neil and I have a Drink Problem

So here I am blogging yet again, it really is that there is very little else to do here. During the day anyway. Things took a distinctive turn for the better last night round teatime when a whole new crew of people checked into the hostel. I started drinking beers round 5 when the Canadian freako accosted me and melted my brain with yet more hair brained theories. 'I need to be drunk to cope' was what I was thinking so I pounded a few in double quick time and it all seemed so much easier. I didn't have to put up with him for long though cause as I have learned on my travels, if you don't like someone, don't put up with them. So I pretended to need the bathroom and got up. When I came back he was hassling some other guy so I found a couple of girls sitting as far away from him as possible and sat with them.

Sunset from the Hostal Pangea Rootop Bar
They were cool, one of them was a doctor and I was telling her about his theories on cancer cures etc which she found pretty amusing. But a good thing never lasts and he scoped me out across the bar (probably cause his latest victim had wriggled free) and came over to harass us. He latched onto Stacey and went on and on about how she looked like Catherine Hepburn (right enough she did, she was beautiful but there was no need to relentlessly embarrass her) and even dragged her across the room to take a photo of her!! he put her in a rediculous pose and I could even hear him tell her that the camera loved her. Cheesy fcuk. You could see her squirm while she tried to keep smiling I was scundered for her. So after a few more beers I decided it was time to challenge his theories on life. I left the alien one out as it was just so rediculous I knew I couldn't help myself from being really vicious.
White Guy Dancing
By this stage Tom, an Aussie guy from my room had joined us as well and he was most keen to rip this loser to shreds. So Freakaboy eventually went to bed in a huff and we got back to having a good time. So the girls went to bed and me and Tom had just about wet our throats so I went up to the bar to get some more drinks in and bumped into an American girl Anna who was a right laugh. We chatted for a while and she said she was going out to a club with her friend. I wasn't really up for going cause I was planning to leave San Jose the next day and a 4 hour bus ride with a stinking hangover is not my idea of fun...that is until we did a round of flaming shots (can't remember what they were) and the social animal in me came out. We left the hostel bar about 1am and grabbed a taxi. We got to this wee club in San Pedro shortly after which was playing some pretty cooool ragga music so we did some booty shaking aight.. Poor Tom looked out of his depth, after talking up a big game in the hostel about all his all night drinking escapades he went quiet and white after the flaming shots and had no further part to play in the drinking or the booty shaking. We only stayed about an hour in the club and when we got back Tom was straight up to bed. I sat up for a while longer talking shit to Anna and Clairine and signing up as myspace buddies then got to bed about half 4.

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Hi my name is Neil and I have a Dr…
Hi my name is Neil and I have a D…
Sunset from the Hostal Pangea Root…
Sunset from the Hostal Pangea Roo…
White Guy Dancing
White Guy Dancing
San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira