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Caution... Waving triangle 17kms ahead

Well Ive finally got to leave San Jose just decided to brave the bus yesterday hangover or no hangover. It wasn´t as bad as I was expecting though, the ride through the mountains was extremely pretty, the views were stunning and there were plenty of quaint little towns dotted along the route. We stopped for a break in Ciudad Quesada about 3 hours into the journey and when I got back on the bus there was no seats left so I had to stand for the last hour and a half. It was ok when the bus was moving cause all the windows were open but as soon as it stopped I could feel the torrents of sweat  forming. So we got to La Fortuna about 5pm and went straight from the bus for dinner in a really nice wee restaurant.

Zipline crew post ziplining, pre drinking
It was a bit of a treat and more expensive than we thought but was still pretty reasonable- 30 quid for 3 people to eat with plenty of cocktails is ok in my book. So we walked from there up to the hostel at the other end of town, by this stage we were all sweating so bad that we had to just jump straight into the pool to cool off. Its a sweet set up here, the pool has a wet bar so you can sit in the water and have a drink. The volcano has been pretty shy as well, its been shrouded with cloud since we got here. I hope it clears away before we leave. Were heading for the beach after here thank god it might be a bit less muggy. Its early in the morning now and Ive sweated through 2 t shirts already.

Right, last night we went to the hot springs where you can bathe in water straight out of the mountain.

How very gay.
Its full of minerals and flows at about 40 degrees C. The hottest pool was around 75 degrees and was too hot to even put your toes in. It was nice but it made me really sleepy cause we had quite a few cocktails as well which they just load up with alcohol. So we left there and hit the local club, Volcán Look which was right next door. I had my first broken Spanish conversation with these 2 Tico guys at the bar I was so proud!!! I think we actually understood about 30% what eachother said. So me and Anna left about an hour after getting there to go get some food and even managed to haggle the taxi driver for our fare! neither of us speak much Spanish and we got him to knock 1,000ç off the fare. Sweet.

So its later on today and Ive just got back in so I figured  I could just edit my blog instead of starting a new one. Today we went to some park somewhere near here where we did some horseback riding through some beautiful countryside and rainforest. Very relaxing yes but not very extreme Im sure you'll agree. So we took a zipline canopy tour back to the centre. This involved strapping ourselves into harnesses and flying down ziplines through the forest, most of them about 150m off the ground and the longest being 180m which took you over waterfalls and through the tiniest gaps between trees at about 40mph at the fastest point. Fuck it was intense probably the best time Ive had on this holiday. Of course we got drenched cause it was the rainforest but it took nothing away from the fun. Plus Im really pleased with myself cause I feel Ive gone some way to conquering my fear of heights. It was pretty insane flying through the trees with nothing but a harness between you and plummetting to a really shit way to die but was probably one of  the most exhilarating thing Ive ever done. So now we've been out for dinner, grabbed a carryout of Cuba Libres and we're having a pool party tonight at the hostel. Tomorrow we are trying to figure out a way to get to Playa Tamarindo for some beachy goodness without having to go back to San Jose. If we get enough people we can hire a minibus with driver for about 30 bucks each but if not we have at least 8 hours on the bus going in and out of San Jose. I know what Id rather do. Anyway the pool is calling so Im going to answer!!!!!

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Caution... Waving triangle 17kms a…
Caution... Waving triangle 17kms …
Zipline crew post ziplining, pre d…
Zipline crew post ziplining, pre …
How very gay.
How very gay.
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