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Circle of Death table. Crazy times.

So the last few days have disappeared into a mix of drunken haze and hungoverness... each night is meant to be a quiet one and each night ends up more drunken than the one before. Two nights ago I was sitting in the bar having a quiet beer waiting for my two new bestest friends Anna and Clairine when I got invited to join in on a game of circle of death (this game is big amongst Americans) so off I jolly well fucked to their table where the hilarity ensued. I learnt so many funny drinking games that night. After that we went out to a gay bar where it seemed there was more of us than actual gay people. We didnt stay long and hit a warehouse rave somewhere in San Jose that Carlos the barman had been telling us about. It was pretty cool but they did´'t have a bar at it so we stayed as long as our alcohol levels would allow.

I'm not drunk. Just temporarily lost my sense of balance, style and ability
The music wasn't as pumping as I would of liked for a rave but it was fun all round. On the way back we got totally ripped of by the taxi driver- 25,000 colones for a 20 minute ride.. thats about 25 quid when it shouldve been 1.50 or so!! Bastard.

So last night me and Anna and Clairine were full of talk about having a quiet night cause were all heading to La Fortuna together today (soon actually). I was meant to leave yesterday morning but was too hungover to go for my bus. So we went to a wee bar for dinner... and discovered they had Cuba Libres pre mixed in a can (rum and coke). So we had to sample these and ended up having a gutfull.

Every man's dream.
We went back to the hostel to play a few rounds of boat race/ flip cup (whatever you want to call it). This involves 2 teams lined up on opposite sides of the table. Each player has a polystyrene cup full of beer, you have to chug the beer then flip the cup off the side of the table so it spins 180 degrees and lands upside down on the table. Anna and Clairine were just too damn good at it.. So that set the tone for the night and we ended up behind the bar mixing bizarro shots- whiskey and peach schnapps! really tasty but not good for my head this morning.. So Carlos closed the bar at 12 but said for us to hang about for another beer. We never had the beer but ended up in the pool for a drunken bit of skinny dipping.

God knows what is going to happen tonight but Im sure looking forward to it!!! La Fortuna should be relaxing, but with Anna and Clairine about getting me into trouble and generally leading me astray (yeah right) you never know how the night will end up.....

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Circle of Death table. Crazy times.
Circle of Death table. Crazy times.
Im not drunk. Just temporarily lo…
I'm not drunk. Just temporarily l…
Every mans dream.
Every man's dream.
San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira