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Well Costa Rica has begun in true style- with the mother of all rain storms. I took a walk out of the hostel this morning but decided to turn round at the last minute which was a good thing cause the heavens opened in spectacular style just as I got back.

You may be thinking that Im writing another blog very soon after my last one, the truth of this place is there is not much else to do! Ive taken a few tentative steps into central San Jose but its quite a daunting place to the obvious tourist (shorts, cap, and camera round my neck). Tried out my Spanish on the locals but Im failing pretty miserably at the moment. Managed to order some food but only cause the guy brought out an English menu. Luckily most people speak English but I'm trying to learn Spanish and get more confident.

Theres a few people milling about the hostel but not many of them have really caught my attention. Apart from this one Canadian dude who claims to be 14.5 million years old (if you count up all his incarnations) and has been reincarnated for the last time before he joins the something or other on a higher plane. He spent a good 30 minutes this morning explaining to me how that American government was in league with an alien race who had made a deal with them to show them the far reaches of outer space in exchange for allowing them residency here on earth. He said they were plotting to remove all the minority races to make room for the aliens who would also eradicate disease and premature death into the bargain. He ALSO said (it was a fascinating half hour) that he was immune to all manner of nasty diseases such as AIDS, Hep A,B and C, and as far as cancer was concerned, all we have to do is do nothing but drink water for 10 days straight and we will cure the disease. MEDICAL BREAKTHROUGH ALERT WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP give that man a Nobel Prize.... So he is the most colourful character in this place, I sure will miss him when he gets committed.

I have another full day here tomorrow which I think I will spend organising my trip to the Arenal Region where Im going to do a mountain bike tour and a hike up the side of an active volcano followed by a trip to the local hot springs- 40 degree water from a waterfall with a bar in the pool mmmmm sounds good.

Right, off to the bar with me, it seems the only thing to do here is get drunk which kind of goes in the same vein as the rest of the holiday. Its not really safe to leave the hostel at night (not unless you want to get accosted by skanky hos that is) especially not on your own so Im going to see who will play with me here tonight.

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San Jose
photo by: Isoinspira