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The hotel where Michael Jackson hung out his baby from a few years back, how guarded by storm troopers!

So this was my first morning in Berlin having arrived by train from Düsseldorf the previous evening. I opted for heading out to the supermarket and buying in some cereal and milk option. I was staying at Wombats Hostel, which was great. Big hostel, but run really well, and I would really recommend it. They have a clean modern funky guest kitchen with plenty of space for a few people to cook and eat.

After breakfast, my plan was to head out to Berlin zoo, which is meant to be one of the best in the world for its variety of animals. However when figuring out how to get there in the hostel lobby I overhead them say that the free walking tour was leaving now. At first I dismissed it, then seconds later thought 'why not?'.

So I headed out the door, and saw the group walking away across the street.

I think it was gut instinct to be with other people from the hostel, but whatever it was that made me join that walking tour was the best decision I made in Berlin. We had to get into the centre of the city, so our tour guide took us via the metro. I got mingling with the other people from the hostel, and bumped into Mineeter who I met in the laundry room the previous evening. We were both washing clothes and got chatting. I struck up conversation with some of the other people on the tour as we made our way to the main square in Berlin. Mineeter (from Perth) was also in Amsterdam for Queensday a few days earlier, and told me about how she enjoyed her time there, even if she did get ripped off getting a taxi from Central Station up to Vondel Park.

New Europe FREE walking tours always start from outside a Starbucks coffee shop, just so people like me can mention them loads in blogs. I found they can be hit and miss depending on who you get. Our tour guide that day seemed still drunk form the previous evening, which made the tour interesting.

We saw loads of really cool sights around Berlin, such as the bits of road where the Berlin wall used to stand; Hitler's last bunker; Checkpoint Charlie.

Our guide at the end invited us to a restaurant on the other side of town, which we got to via tram, to try German beer and a chicken Schnitzel. I hadn't drunk beer for about three years before that day, and my first beer in ages tasted amazing!

I seemed to spend much of the tour chatting with Charleen (from New Zealand), who would also pop up again later at my next hostel in Krakow!

Mineeter, Rosheen (another Australian) and I headed back to the hostel.

Rosheen had just that day arrived into Berlin on the night train form Munich and had been carrying around one of her bags all day. When I got back to my room after briefly pooping out to the local shop I noticed Rosheen was booked into my dorm room. In a 150 room hostel, you couldn't make this up.

I made up some dinner in the guest kitchen, and chatted with some of the other guests about their day, before heading up the the fifth-floor 'sky bar' for drinks with Rosheen, Mineeter and some of the other guys I'd met earlier that day. Also met Paul (from Wales) and some other Brits as well, some of whom were regular visitors to Berlin for its art and night life. We had a great evening drinking and ordering many £5 pizzas at what seemed to be at the rate of 1 every 45mins between 10pm and 2am.

That day in Berlin will be in my 'top 5' of best days on my European tour! It was great fun!

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The hotel where Michael Jackson hu…
The hotel where Michael Jackson h…
Our tour guide
Our tour guide
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
Checkpoint Charlie
German Beer
German Beer
photo by: CFD