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I woke up early after a restless final night in Krakow. I had breakfast with a few of the other hostel guests including three irish lads and a girl who had just arrived on the overnight train, also from Ireland. We sat around for about an hour, just chatting. My train was at 9.44am, and I was all set to leave the hostel, in good time to walk across the road to the train station, only for the overly helpful hostel worker to insist I wait until she found me a city map for Prague. It was very sweet of her, and she searched all over for it, but I was mindful of the time. I didn't want to seem ungrateful, but I had a train to catch.

I boarded the train for the first leg of my journey. It was a two carriage commuter train which was pretty basic. At Katowice where I changed to catch the express train to Prague. This was another dimly-lit slightly scary intimidating train station. The rest of the journey was nice. It was a fast...ish clean modern train. The train had compartments, and id find this a lot more later in my trip, where you have 6 seats, 3 each along each wall facing each other. The compartment I was in was pretty full, which was bad news when we crossed the border from Poland into the Czech Republic! It would my first passport check since leaving London. My passport I had tossed into my big bag... somewhere amongst my clothes... aghhhhh!  It took me about 3minutes of searching around my big bag which I had to put on the seat were I was sitting and stand and dig around. Three big built boarder control people looked on as more panic set in. I knew I still had my passport, but did not quite know where I put it. Eventually I found it, repacked my big bag and placed it back on the over-head rack, sat down to see everyone else in the compartment giving me evils!

The train arrived into Prague at 7.30pm the station was clean and nicely back to civilisation. I took first the metro, then the tram to the stop where my hostel was. It was around 8.30 by the time I checked into my hostel 'The Little Town' hostel just set back from Charles Bridge. It is a great hostel. Each dorm was in its own mini apartment with its own kitchenette and luxury bathroom. The beds were super comfy and loads of space in each room. For £10/night, it was possibly the nicest hostel I stayed in for the whole trip. If you are ever in Prague, check this place out!

It was still light outside, and the temperature was still warm, so I went for a walk keen to really Prague. I headed out and looked around, walking right into the city centre. I only wish I had taken my camera, the sunset was amazing. I though we would have a few more days of sunshine, but that would be the last id see whilst I was there. Charles bridge at 11.30pm was really quiet, a few couple being romantic, but you pretty much had the bridge to yourself.

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photo by: vulindlela