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Mee Goreng -Indian Style. Absolutely yummy !

Penang is known for her food. Locals from Kuala Lumpur will  do a 800km return trip on the weekends just to eat there. Is the food really that good or is there something else going on that we don't know about ?

What we can deduce from this is :

a) Penang food is really good  
b) People from Kuala Lumpur are insane
c) People from Kuala Lumpur can't cook  
d) Penang has excellent marketing & PR
e) There is a ban on cooking in Kuala Lumpur during long weekends
f)  Penang food is laced with opium or something that is addictive
g) The writer is just a case of sour grapes
h) The price of fuel is cheaper during weekends
i)  We don't know the meaning of carbon footprint
j)  We don't give a f*** about the carbon footprint scam
k) People living in KL were born in Penang thus going home
l)  Those very expensive condominiums are owned by KL people
m) Someone should burglarise those condominiums during the weekdays
n) People are keeping their mistresses, girlfriends or lovers in Penang
o) UFOs frequently abduct people from KL and drop them into Penang during the weekends.

It's a restaurant ! Can try it when you are around.
(& return them by Monday)
p) All of the above

Please let me know what you think and I will study your valued input.
(I solemnly swear to pretend to care)
If you give me your mailing address, I might even send you a piece of something from the beach as a gesture of thanks after I confirm the findings.



Gurney Drive, once upon a time, this stretch of beach actually had a nice sandy beach where you could dig up little clams for dinner. Now, the water has really turned murky and if the tide goes out.... you will be treated to a sight of mud flats that smell really ugh !  I'm just waiting for the mud monster or swamp thing to come out and terrorise the public gathered there.

The hawker food is expensive over this stretch of road. Over time it has deteriorated till it's better to eat in the restaurant.

Gurney Drive -- Squeaking noises are not from old vehicles passing by.
Add in the horrendous traffic snarl that will develop on weekend nights, you would do well to spend your time elsewhere. But if you need to tick this item off your list of (recommended) places to visit in Penang, do go ahead but do it on a weeknight.


Some come here for the views at night while smooching with their partners. Just make sure you or your partner isn't squeamish about rats ! These critters will be running around the rocks by the seawall and might try to make an acquaintance with you.


Cho says:
You mentioned about Penang food being really good and addictive. It certainly is for me!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2013
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Mee Goreng -Indian Style. Absolute…
Mee Goreng -Indian Style. Absolut…
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