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Approaching speed of light effect ? Remember the Theory of Relativity ? Yeah, they sometimes drive like that
For those going to the smaller towns, this is the best means of transport - you can't complain really. The bus operators and drivers will shuffle passengers between buses to get you to your destination. Whatever bus company you started with is almost irrelevant, just hang on to a ticket (they will exchange it as you change buses). They can make exchanges at the highway rest stops, off highway eating places, the toll plaza, along the highway in the middle of nowhere, the bus stations along the way. In the words of the H2G2 --- Don't Panic --- If in doubt, ask a local. The regular travelers are easy to spot, they fall asleep almost immediately and won't wake up unless the bus is about to stop somewhere (or crash)

Choosing a bus itself can be confusing. The love of superlatives makes a newcomer easy prey. A VIP bus is quite close to crap. A SVIP bus is normal. A SSVIP/Luxury bus is one with individual TVs & such with meals on board. (plus a working toilet), A Normal bus is something used to ferry factory workers cheaply but illegally used for intercity trips (and will get pulled over by the cops). At places like Kuala Lumpur & Johor, the touts will descend on you like flies to a week old carcass. You will be bombarded will offers of transport to any destination in the country - it doesn't matter if they switch you between 5 or more buses along the way to your destination. So, head for the bus counters to buy your tickets. But the sheer number of counters will also be mind boggling. Who the heck should you buy your tickets from anyway ?

Out of the 60 to 80 counters, you will find these chaps who are the main operators and provide pretty good buses (almost all the time) -note the word 'almost'.             Konsortium, Aeroline, KKKL, Grassland, Plusliner, there are some other luxury bus providers but I can't recall them offhand. (Lower traffic routes not available)
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Approaching speed of light effect …
Approaching speed of light effect…
photo by: forevert2