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Abandoned passenger ? Not likely over here unless you turn up really late.

First thoughts when the bus arrives into the terminal are :

This looks strange.... where am I ?

Is this another unlisted stop that they made........ again ???!!

Can I go to the toilet ???

What I found out is that the bus terminal for Penang has been moved. It no longer stops right in the heart of town, i.e. Prangin Mall. This is the result of not taking the bus for several years. It has now been moved to some little place right out of town some 10km+ away (Sg. Nibong). To take public transport (like another bus) to town will take ages (if it does come along) and the taxis will burn your wallet given the chance.

The easiest solution is to do what E.T. did... I called home ---  HELP !!!!!!  After the 12hr journey from Singapore to Penang, one isn't really in the mood for any more adventure.

Nice ? Only Nice ?? Look for the 'Super Nice'. The Most Super Nice coming soon...
You just want to get to someplace comfy and space out. A word of caution to those who are not used to taking these intercity buses within Malaysia, is :  They don't always run on schedule - but they have excellent code sharing amongst themselves.

What would have been a straight 9hr trip (direct Johor-Penang) turned into a stop here, pick some people up, drop some people off, let's go off the highway to another town, stop at some yucky eating place... repeat the above for another 5 or so times. Hence this sort of service would drive many people crazy, but you can pay more (double) for the luxury buses (a relative term) that do run on schedule. OR you could fly budget airlines (and get ripped off by the taxis) . The buses themselves are quite OK, it's just the ' wait till we are full before moving ' that can throw your whole schedule off.



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Abandoned passenger ? Not likely o…
Abandoned passenger ? Not likely …
Nice ? Only Nice ?? Look for the …
Nice ? Only Nice ?? Look for the …
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