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The streets of Hongdae on a Saturday night
So who thinks of Seoul in South Korea as a holiday destination? Hardly anyone on the planet, I can tell you that much! Well, I am here to tell you to think again especially if you are, like me, a hardened party animal and want to go where the bright lights and music are at. If that's you, then Seoul is the place to be!

There is always something going on in this city. On a Saturday night you can lose yourself in massive Hongdae which is a couple of square kilometres of nothing but pubs, clubs and eateries. Here you can club hop till you literally drop the next day! Whether you want to sway to hip hop, dance, R&B, elektro, rock or you just want to knock back a few drinks with friends at a pub until the wee hours of the morning, this is the place for you.
So many people from various parts of the world in Hongdae for a night out
The best part is that because all the clubs are located in this area you can do your club hop on foot. I dunno about you but I quite like the idea of being able to walk down a street and stop at any club I please, have a beer, and then move onto the next tantalising place.

The streets are full of people until the early morning. It is safe and you will be dazzled by the bright lights and the vibrant atmosphere. A few of the clubs might charge you a small ($5) cover charge but then you can get a free drink inside of the same value. So there really is no charge. if you go to the right places you might score a free tequila or two. I quite enjoyed SAAB (cool little club) the last time I was there. The barmen kept giving me free tequila shots and then moved on to just pouring tequila into every beer I bought.
Korean BBQ
Score!! especially as drinking out in Korea can get a tad expensive. Well, in comparison to South Africa anyway.

Hongdae is a cool mix of foreigners and Koreans who are dressed to the nines. Korean women are never without their heels. Even if they are climbing a mountain they do it in 3-5 inch heels! A mind boggle for me but if that's what they like, so be it! Who am I to talk in my party flats? They might think me weird!

When I initially came out here to live for a year my brother was more excited than me. What excited him was the prospect of the beautiful Korean women he would meet here when he came out to visit. Yes, it is true there are the gorgeous Korean women all men dream about. But, like anywhere in the world, there are the drop dead gorgeous and then there are the not so hot.
Mansion - great club in Hongdae
There is a large section of the population that is in between, which is where Seoul really becomes attractive for the boyz especially as a lot of them are not averse to some foreign company.

Korean women seem to like foreign men. Everywhere you look you are bound to see a mixed race couple walking hand in hand. And guys, you don't need to be David Beckham to score Korean chicks either. I see very average guys with pretty nice looking Korean women here all the time. If you don't mind the language barrier and have some charms about you, you won't do too badly here.

So, what about entertainment for us girls? Ladies, fear not. There are plenty of boys to go around. If you are into Asian guys you will not be disappointed. It does not take more than a sway of the hip or two to have Korean guys surrounding you in a club.
Mixing it up with the locals at Mansion - a club not to be missed
From there, it is a case of pick, choose and refuse.

If Asian is not your taste then you will be pleased to know that Korea has a few American Airforce and military bases located in the Seoul area. So, there are definitely some English speaking guys to dance the night away with. I prefer the English speakers myself. I am too much of a talker to bother with lost in translation! I enjoy getting down with a Texan or Bostonian that I might or might never see again. It adds spice to a night to be able to socialise and just have a good time with people who speak your language. If military is not your scene then there are over half a million male English teachers from the UK, Ireland, Oz, South Africa, Canada, USA and New Zealand to get busy with *wink*. I play for both teams. A little bit of military and a lot of English teachers lol. I still like my boys educated. Snob? Yes I know!!

Have I convinced you yet that Seoul is the place to be? No? Well then, keep an eye out for future blogs about Itaewon (the foreigner district of Korea) and the Usher concert I am going to this weekend at Olympic Gymnasium in Seoul. I will also be doing mudfest in another part of Korea and then visiting Busan (the second largest city in Korea - also a must see) in coming month so stay tuned!!


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The streets of Hongdae on a Saturd…
The streets of Hongdae on a Satur…
So many people from various parts …
So many people from various parts…
Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ
Mansion - great club in Hongdae
Mansion - great club in Hongdae
Mixing it up with the locals at Ma…
Mixing it up with the locals at M…
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