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A month before our 6 days travel to Iceland, I am the only one who has not yet bought a flight ticket. I told my fiends that it would be done the same day. Sitting with my laptop, half ordering tickets - half watching television it took me quite a while to find the correct flight, date, etc. Finally after twenty minutes and confirming with my fiend over the phone I got to the part were you type in your credit card number. But the card was not to find in my wallet! 

After a some thinking I finally recalled the days events. Four hours earlier I were at a drive-in burger restoration.
The weather was very good considering the time of the year and I had the door window wide open. After ordering the meal I flipped my card continually unto the bottom of the car window, next to were the window glass go into the car door. As I were next in line to pay for the food, my credit card suddenly slipped though my fingers and went down though the window gab and dissapered inside my car door. Disappointed and embarrassed, I had the explain the clerk why I was not able to pay for the food I had just ordered.

At the time when I were ordering the flight ticket I had not yet dismantled the car door to get my card. I hurried outside were it was now dark and started dismantle the door. Because it was dark I had to hold a flashlight in my mouth to have my hands free. It took me twenty minutes before I had the card in my hand. Meanwhile the system had logged me out. It were easier to find the flight number and departure time the second time, but my struggles were not over yet. In the time from the first log on to the second the price of the ticked had increased 15%.

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