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The plan was to be up between 8:30 and 9:00 so that we could be out of the apartment around 10 for a full day of sightseeing.  The reality was a lot slower than that with the first of us heading out to find a supermarket that Mandy had stumbled across the night before.  We walked around for ages but were unable to find the place, or any other place that sold teabags, so dejected, we headed back empty handed.  Next we all set off to find the bus stop that the owner of the apartment has said would take us to the Collesium.  The problem was, the place we were told to buy tickets from was closed, and the bus stop - when we eventually found it- was not in use.  Thus began a vey long walk to the big bus station at Termini station and a lot of head stratching before we finally found a bus that was heading in the right direction.

Once finally there, it was lunchtime and we were already exhausted from walking so far to find a bus.  Therfore we bought snacksn from a stall in the nearby metro station and sat on a low wall outside the Collesium eating and taking in the view.  When I say snacks, there were actually full sized pizzas folded in half so that they could be eaten in your hand - awesome!  They were so big though that hardly anyone finished theirs.

The queue for the Collesium was huge, so we opted to pay an extra 8 Euros each to join a tour which meant we could jump the queue.  It was well worth the money as without a guide you are literally just looking at a really old building - there is no information put up to help tourists at all.

All the girls enjoying lunch
  The first part of the tour was around the actual Collesium and the second part was the bits around the hill where Romulous and Remus supposedly founded the city.  Almost all of the tour was outside and it was a blazing hot day, so I was glad of the factor 50 I had put on before we left the apartment, but I struggled without a hat to keep the sun off of my head.  I felt completely frazzled by late afternoonn and new I was going to suffer for it later in the evening.

As we are only here a few days we decided to squeeze the Trevi Fountain into today's agenda as well.  It was good but tourist central so we took a quick look then headed home on a really busy bus.  The plan for the evening was to go out to dinner then carry onto a club we had read about.

  The restaurant we headed for was mentioned in both mine and someone else's guidebook so we thought we were onto a winner.  Well, I don't know what happened but we walked for ever along every inch of the road the restaurant was supposed to be on but the restaurant was nowhere to be found.  This meant ages of trapsing around on sore feet and empty stomachs trying to find somewhere that could seat 8 poeple on a Saturday night - not easy.  To top it off it started raining too.  We eventually found a place with a wide menu close to home so we ate.  The food was nice but the service was appalling which put a dampener on the evening.  Afterwards it was close to midnight and eveyone was shattered so some headed home to bed and the rest of us went to a cocktail bar a couple of doors up from our place.  By this time I was feeling really rough from the sun of the day so had a coke whilst the others had alcohol.  The highlight of the night was when a canopy sheltering the outdoor area of the bar collapsed soaking a huge birthday party plus their cake with rainwater.  Hilarious!


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All the girls enjoying lunch
All the girls enjoying lunch
Orange trees -smelled lovely!
Orange trees -smelled lovely!
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