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Finally, I find some Green Men. On the same building!

Once again we wait for the train to come in to take us from Minneapolis to Chicago.  It is approx 2 1/2 hours behind schedule.  The journey takes us through some very pretty country.  More snow and open plains  but eventually the snow becomes more sparse.  The ever entertaining Amtrak staff are right on form on this journey.  The cafeteria car has been renamed after the person who is operating it and he tries many innovative ways to entice us down to make a purchase.

The conductor at one stage tells us to keep a lookout shortly after we leave a stop for eagles.  He saw in excess of 75 perched in trees around a small body of water the previous week and indeed a national newscaster had taken a film crew there and it featured on a news programme during the week.

On the streets of Chicago
  The fish that must have been attracting them must have moved on but there were at least 10 to be seen. This was surely fishing, shooting and hunting territory as many of the places looked like they had weekender lodges with boats hauled up beside the homes. 

My flu is really making me miserable and the accompanying headache is hard to focus through.  A young man who had been sitting in front of us shot back into the coach from a walk to the lounge car and was standing near the next coach door looking worried.  An announcement cam ove the system for conductors to go mto lounge car immediately and two do so promptly.  We ask the young man what might be happening and he and another woman said that they were in the lounge when a 6ft 4 inch 300+ lb male had burst in shouting "God Is Great".

Spooky streets of Chigago. Do the Adams family live near here?
  The two passengers from our coach cleared out quickly and felt that the guy had been high on something.  We all surmised as to whether his fate might be to be allowed to disembark at the next snow covered station in the middle of nowhere.  I secretly wondered if he was planning to use explosives and if so, maybe here was my chance to become a martyr and to also end my misery with the flu!  It didn't appear that he had anything harmful on him and the Amtrak crew must have dealt with the situation with great professionalism as we were not disturbed any further.  

Once we get into Chicago we taxi to the Hostel Arlington and it is a huge hostel and very warm.  I spend another day in bed trying to rid myself of the flu and improve my back.  On the second day rug up warmly and venture out.  I spot one of the native crested red birds but I cant remember it's name.  Meet a woman at the hostel from New Orleans, about my age, who is homeless after Hurricane Katrina.  She is great company but has a long way to go to mentally heal from what she has seen and gone through.  Find a huge op shop and browse and get some great books.  It is a pretty city and very vibrant.

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Finally, I find some Green Men.  O…
Finally, I find some Green Men. …
On the streets of Chicago
On the streets of Chicago
Spooky streets of Chigago.  Do the…
Spooky streets of Chigago. Do th…
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