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The Grand Ole Opry House

This is our first real Greyhound Bus trip and it proves to be a little stressful!  The previous night we booked a taxi to get us to the depot with 45 mins to spare.  After 10 mins we are still waiting and despite two phone calls and another to another taxi company still nothing.  At the last minute a worker at the Motel takes us down and we gratefully give him a very good taxi fare.  We have tickets to pick up and the line is long.  With aching back I stand in the boarding queue while Andrew lines up to pick up our tickets.  It appears that they just keep filling the buses up until everyone who wants to travel is on a bus.  We are off to Nashville.

I wake up a taxi driver at the lineup who takes us to our Motel out of town.

Andrew inside the gigantic hotel complex
  We organise with Joseph to call him on the morning we leave town and he will take us to the Greyhound Station.  Book a bus tour for the next day as they will pick us up from our  out of town Motel.  The feel of this town is much nicer than Memphis but it is hard to say why.  Perhaps not as many "in your face" homeless people hassling us. 

The tour bus collects us next morning and a total of 4 of us are on for the morning.  We see the State Capital building, the Apple Blossom Express, Country Music Hall of Fame, Vanderbuilt Medical Uni, Willie Nelson walking down the street, Printer's Alley, Showcase Corner where a young hopeful entertains us for about 15 minutes.  We pass by a full size replica of the Parthenon and see yet more squirrels in the park which delights me!.

Next day we ring Joseph to take us to the next Greyhound bus.  During the ride we tell him of the countries we have visited and at the mention of Jamaica he tells us his wife is from Montego Bay in Jamaica.  I mention all the food we tried there and he calls his wife on the mobile and puts me on.  I just reel off the foods that she loves and misses like Salt Fish & Ackee, Callaloo, Festival, Jerk Pork & Chicken.............  She laughs and asks us to pack her in our suitcases.

Boarding at Greyhound is a schemozzle.  A group jumps the queue, are sent back but do not go to the back of the queue which makes everyone ill tempered including us.  We get on board the second bus and have plenty of room as it is not full like the first.  At a stop at Chattanooga we are waiting to depart when a good train passes through.  I say to Andrew ( No, I didn't say "Pardon me Boy") is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?  The guy behind us jups up and over the seat says he knew that, he just didn't think of it before me!  The miles pass by and we see banks of daffodils along the motorway and trees just starting to blossom.  As spring hasn't really begun we get miles and miles of bare trees which looks a little grey but we see more of what is normally screened by them.  We arrive in Atlanta at around 6pm and learn that the Amtrak train is running about 2 1/2 hours late.  Are we surprised?  Not one little bit!  We leave our bags with the guards at $1.50 each for storage and go off to find food.

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The Grand Ole Opry House
The Grand Ole Opry House
Andrew inside the gigantic hotel c…
Andrew inside the gigantic hotel …
photo by: diisha392