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Snow scenes from the train on the way to Boston

Board the train very late in the evening and settle down for the night.  In the morning we get free coffee as the cafe car is out of service and the train is still running 2 1/2 hours late.  The outside scenery is once agian liberally covered in snow with frozen rivers and lakes.  On reaching Washington DC we have picked up 30 mins but at Philledelphia we have missed our connection to Boston by about 20 mins.  Andrew lugs most of our baggage and I go to the counter of the help desk and look really upset that we have missed our train because of the late arrival.  The staff without hesitation write us a chit to say that we can board the Acela Express which leaves in 15 mins and is a step up from the budget trains we are ticketed for!  It is packed but we get separate seats and finally get to sit together.

Walking the Freedom Trail
  Now we are getting glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean and more and more frozen estuaries, rivers and lakes.

We disembark at Boston in the dark just slightly ahead of the time we should have arrived on our original train.  Head down to the underground and follow instructions from the guesthouse to get to Allston.  We miss one important mention of B line on the Green and have to back track but we get there and walk the 1 1/2 blocks to the guesthouse where piles of snow still remain in some shady parts of the streets.  This room is our most expensive to date at just over $90 per night.  We find one towel in the room and it is non too clean.  It does have a sink and microwave but no containers or plates that fit in it and only knives in the cutlery draw.

The Hollocaust Memorial. Each glass tower has millions of numbers engraved..these were tattooed on the murdered Jews and others
  Lucky we have melamine mugs, bowls and plates and cutlery of our own.

Saturday and my back is really limiting me in every way.  Walk the local streets and find a fantastic barn of a secondhand shop so I find some items I simply must have and so does Andrew!  We look for a chiropractor but will have to wait for Monday for one to be open.

Sunday we take the reverse underground trip to Boston Common and buy a ticket for the sight seeing on a trolley.  On the journey we see the oldest commisioned Naval battleship, the USS Constitution, Paul Revere's house, where the Boston Tea Party took place, the Boston Massacre.  Back to the Common we watch at the froaen Frog Pond where the skaters are out in large numbers.  My back is killing me so we terminate our day in the late afternoon and I rest up in the overly warm room and watch the Oscars.

Train scene......... frozen lake

Next day the pain in my back reduces me to tears which are partly because of the frustration I feel in being limited.  Andrew dials a Chiropractor who agrees to see me in about an hour.  This angel sees me and understanding my history with my back and our limited time in his city does a few manipulations with an actuator, gives me the exercises I must do twice a day and advises me to do more when I get to London with a longer stay.  Now some several days on I still think he was an angel of mercy as I am now 90 %  mobile and the pain has lifted.  We celebrate by catching the underground back to Boston Common and walking most of the Freedom Trail.  I find the best New England Chowder in a crisp bread roll that I have ever tasted!

Tuesday we pack up once more and take the train to New York.  Thankfully we don't have to Greyhound anymore.  Using our Amtrak travel brochure we add up the number of States that we have travelled through and we think we are up to 26.

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Snow scenes from the train on the …
Snow scenes from the train on the…
Walking the Freedom Trail
Walking the Freedom Trail
The Hollocaust Memorial.  Each gla…
The Hollocaust Memorial. Each gl…
Train scene.........  frozen lake
Train scene......... frozen lake
photo by: bubu932