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The hostel in Muizenberg

I landed in Amsterdam the same time my next flight started boarding.  Who arranges this?  There has to be some sadistic dude sitting in a room watching all of us crazies, running around the airport, amazing race-style to the next gate.  Of course, my next gate was on the opposite end of the airport.

Fortunately the mad dash to the gate is highly entertaining thanks to the recording that can be heard throughout the airport.  The recording states: "passenger d-bag, you are delaying the flight and you are a moron.  If you don't report to the gate your belongings will be removed from the plane and set on fire."

Wow, I haven't slept yet and the flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town is 11 hours, I'm going to be a babbling idiot when I get to Cape Town.

The stewardess is this giant, blond Dutch lady and I'm afraid of her. I'm frightened I will look at her wrong and she will assassinate me.

Total time in the air: 23 hours + Zero sleep = me starting to feel slightly insane.  Now I remember why I wear pants on flights.  My toes are frozen nubs.  My legs are chaffed to hell.  Am I rambling?

After 24 hours on the plane I finally landed in Cape Town.  My eyelids refuse to close in protest to the lack of sleep.  I am now detained with the custom agent because I can't show my return flight information.  I didn't think i needed a copy of it, so i didn't print it out.  The customs agent waited for all the passengers to go through and then dealt with me.  It was surprisingly efficient I'm glad to say.  I am not sure what they had to do, but they finally let me go.  I found my shuttle driver without a problem and floated out of the airport (I can not feel my legs).  I'm not sure how I'm not drooling on myself right now.  My pillow is going to have to endure the brunt of the drool I'm afraid.

I met Chris, my only roommate, in a room with loads of empty beds when I checked in at the hostel.  We hung out and played cards until late. 

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The hostel in Muizenberg
The hostel in Muizenberg
Cape Town
photo by: v10