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The mounted police keeping us back

No hot water,damn.  At this hostel, sometimes there was hot water and sometimes the showers were cold.  Now, sometimes cold showers are refreshing, but not when the outside temperature is 50F and the inside temperature is slightly warmer at 55F.  For a few days, I was unable to get warm.

I thought I would be able to cancel my remaining few days at the hostel as long as I gave 24 hour notice and get refunded.  This was not the case.  However, the hostel gave me a refund for one day and I was happy.  I understand their policy and they really did try and help me, so I would recommend this hostel to anyone.

I went into Cape Town for the sole reason of getting into the fan fest.  The game was at 8:30, and I got to capetown at 4.  Yet the fan fest was full and they were not  letting anyone else in.  So I went to a place that had food and a tele.  I watched the end of Swiss v Spain, 1-0 Swiss.  This was definitely the best game so far. 

Now that the game was over, I figured people would leave the fan fest, and I would be able to get in.  No such luck.  They had police on horseback blocking the entrance.  We, the fans were on the other side of the street waiting to get in.  The fans were dancing and blowing their vuvazellas in the horses faces and it was freaking out the horses.  It was a bizarre thing to witness.  After the crowd got more rowdy the riot police showed up with their shields and helmets.  Then the horseback police for some reason rushed into the crowd, scattering and pushes us back.  It was uncalled for, and after that ridiculous maneuver, I decided to leave.

I headed for Neighborhood Bar, but they had an exclusive list for the priveleged only.  Apparently someone dressed like Tyrone Biggums was not allowed.  I found a rowdy bar that allowed vagrants in.  Beers were only 15 Rand, tasty.  South Africa went down 1-0 to Uruguay, and the bar got hot and smokey, so I left at half time.

I wandered the streets until I found a place that had a tele outside playing the game. There were about 50 of us watching in the streets.  Uruguay went up 2-0, and it was time for me to catch the train back to Muizenberg.  The loss did not stop bafana bafana fans from singing and blowing their horns in the streets.

There are many hired helpers to answer questions from tourists, which was great.  And they are definitely eager to help.  But I have found that they are wrong about 50% of the time.  So I usually ask several helpers before acting.  For example, I asked 2 people which platform to muizenberg and they were both wrong.  I had a feeling it was the wrong train, so I ask a third and I got the correct train.

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The mounted police keeping us back
The mounted police keeping us back
Cape Town
photo by: v10