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I have been travelling a lot the past three years, and always in the company of others. This company has been my great friends every time, and one of my greatest pleasures is reminiscencing these adventures with my friends. But, I have come to a point in my travels that I want to try to do this alone. This desire has been building up over the years and if I don’t listen to it, it will start to hurt my enjoyment of future travels. Maybe I will get bored or lonely, maybe I will feel sorry that I will not be able to share whatever I am going to encounter with others, except by pictures and stories, but I have to do this.


So, why the Baltics? Well, I have a multitude of reasons. I have spend this entire year sofar looking for a job after getting my graduation and I have not been very lucky and sitting at home hasn’t made me rich. Crossing oceans or continents will have to wait, and after seeing the Philippines and South America last year I wanted to see some more of Europe now. Preferably central, east or northern Europe. The south is really hot in summer and not really an option in August, I think. And summer is an excellent season to visit the north. I have this thing for Scandinavian countries and I would like to visit them all, but they are also very expensive. So, as a compromise between all this, the Baltics rolled out as a logical destination.


My itinerary is going to be as follows: I will fly to Riga and spend a few days in Latvia, then take the bus to Tallinn and spend a few days in Estonia, and finally I will take the boat across the Gulf of Finland to Helsinki. The Baltics are quite compact with unique languages and cultures and I like to check off some new countries on my trip, the cities are said to have great architecture and all in all the Baltics are a part of the new Europe opening up to the world. We don’t hear or know much about these lands.


Finally, Helsinki is something I am looking forward to. Me and a friend of mine who has visited Helsinki before have this thing going on. He didn’t like Helsinki at all and he tries to make me understand that Helsinki is a boring place to visit, but I am not listening. I am psyched up to see it, if only to put my foot on Finlandic soil. I am a big fan of Finlandic metal music and a visit to Helsinki will have some spiritual value for me. Ever since a visit to Stockholm a few years back I got addicted to travel and back then it was already clear to me that I had to see Helsinki as well. It has become a symbol of visiting new places. We will have to see.

ezutik says:
so, did you like helsinki? - had a sort of same trip the other day (tallinn-helsinki-riga-vilnus)
Posted on: May 06, 2011
jesa145 says:
Congratulations on your feature!! Well done :D
Posted on: May 06, 2011
Jeroenadmiraal says:
Back again :) Time for the write-up!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2010
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itinerary schmitinerary
itinerary schmitinerary