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Wells in a very small village that not much has changed for a long time.  The town is surrounded by hills and thick forest which makes it great for hard core outdoors type people.  I do not mind hikiong or biking in the hills as long as the days ends with a hot tub and a good bed.  The folks that live here would rather swim in one of the freezing lakes.  They are tougher then me.

While my group explored Bakerville I ahd plenty of time to kill in the village.  As my hotel only had three TV channels and I have yet to invest in a laptop computer I had plenty of time to explore the village.  There really is only one street with some small lanes branching off the road.  Many of the streets are not even paved and kind of remind me of small villages in SE Asia that way.

One thing that did impress me was the fact most of the homes were in good condition.  it is quite obvious there is not a lot of money in Wells but most of the houses looked good and many were painted in print colours.  Unlike some towns there were not doznes of broken cars lieing around and stray dogs roaming the streets.

The funniest thing was the only cafe that was open did not really have a menu.  When you entered the cafe you were told what they had that day and were asked how many did you want.  Compare this to a guest house I stayed at in Bangkok that had over 200 items on the menu and I found it very funny.

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The Bear Paw cafe, where they tell…
The Bear Paw cafe, where they tel…
photo by: bcbusdriver