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Full day in Chi-town. We were supposed to get around this morning to go to the nearby Farmers' Market that Christen enjoys going to.  When traveling, Trish and I are both early risers; we can sleep when we're at home. BUT, Christen took an extra 45 minutes to get around.  We meandered over to the Farmers' Market, and walked through all the displays before making our decisions.  I got a gigantic homemade Oreo that was awesome to say the least.  Plus, I picked up a chocolate-chip muffin and a slice of marble pound cake for breakfast.  On our way out, I noticed someone selling hummus; after trying a few different varieties, I got the kalamata olives hummus.  It was delicious! Even though I knew I'd be the only one to eat it once I got home...

After we returned to Christen's to eat breakfast and get ready for the day, Trish and I were on our own.

  Christen had a work function that she was going to, so that left Trisha and I to explore the city on our own.  Christen suggested the Division Street festival, and that sounded fun, so we navigated the public transportation system and went over there.  We were a couple hours too early for the festival, so we browsed the boutiques and shops of Division Street.  While walking by Jerry's, we thought their food looked REALLY good, so we had lunch here before going to the street festival.  We sat outside and enjoyed our sandwiches that were delicious!  

The Division Street festival started at noon, and we were there soon after.  Not quite sure what we were getting ourselves into, we paid the $5 donation fee and entered.

  Right off the bat, there was a stage set up with an alternative band playing.  We listened a little, but it really wasn't our style of music, so we moved on.  We browsed the booths, and stopped for gelato.  (Neither one of us can pass that up!)  We stayed at the street festival a couple hours, and returned to some of the stores from earlier to buy items that we just couldn't not buy. 

We figured out the bus again to return to Christen's a did a little more shopping in the Oak Street area.  (I don't know anything about Chicago; is this close to 'downtown'?)  Of course, these shops were out of our price range, but we did come across a bakery where we stopped for a snack -- what did I tell you about eating our way through the city!?!  My sugar cookie was eh, ok, but the passion fruit lemonade was downright amazing.

  I could have drank gallons of it.  We wandered down to Lake Shore drive and were wishing that we could cross over to the beach.  Just at that moment, I saw stairs leading down and figured that was for a under-roadway walkway.  Sure enough!  I hadn't really imagined any beach time in Chicago, but we hung out there for a little bit.  The water was WAAAAY too cold to wade, but I love the beach, no matter where it is.

We had late dinner reservations at a steakhouse, so we relaxed at Christen's apartment for the evening.  I'm not a naptaker, but I was able to journal some and it was nice to just chill for awhile. 

Dinner was at a quarter til nine at Wildfire.

  Our waiter was not the brightest crayon in the box, and the couple in the next booth put on quite a show.  And, to quite honest, I was a little disappointed in the meal. I ordered the pepper tenderloin.  It was ok.  Nothing spectacular, and I really wondered how this restaurant has been voted most popular in Chicago for a few years running.  There has got to be something better.  Christen and Trisha went ahead and ordered dessert here (the dessert tray that was brought around did look awful decadent), but I was holding out for a cupcake.  We were going to Molly's Cupcakes so Trish could take some home to Greg and her mom.  I had heard about this cupcakes, and I was not missing out.

Oh. My. Gosh. I was definitely glad I waited for a Molly's cupcake.  They are AMAZING.  They are serious cupcakes; the one I got (the Ron Bennington) was a chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter (only the greatest combination ever invented) with mounds of chocolate icing swirled on top with crushed pb chips.  Lifechanging.  And, definite sugar shock.  But it was oh so worth it!

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Wildfire Steakhouse
Wildfire Steakhouse
pepper tenderloin
pepper tenderloin
The Ron Bennington Cupcake
The Ron Bennington Cupcake
AMAZING!!!  stuffed with pb! and d…
AMAZING!!! stuffed with pb! and …
Trish and Christen had dessert at …
Trish and Christen had dessert at…
the anticipation...
the anticipation...
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