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Grasping something surreal could be so arduous. This is what happened to my travel to Caramoan.
There are many blogs, documents and articles describing, complementing, comparing and whatever the senses can recognize in this former secluded part of the Philippines. This time I'll make this a bit personal cause there have been too many setbacks in this trip and up to know I am still regretful but I learned some basics.

I am an adventure seeker and I am mistaken that all people I could bring along share the same passion.

The trip to paradise itself is an adventure and isn't a piece of cake. It pays a lot of time, effort and money to be rewarded with something priceless. It is best to travel with individuals who are gregarious and who aren't fussy.

I did research but.

It was the time when Caramoan is just becoming a fuzz and not so much information or guides is available. Inconvenience was inevitable. Information is the most crucial belonging you need when venturing off an unknown area.

I was still ignorant, A newbie

Knowing that the place would be islands and sea, it never crossed my mind to bring an waterproof camera case. Taking underwater shots is a wonder on a new depth and I missed it.

Time is gold

Our island hopping was just a day and it wasn't enough and in most of my trips it rarely is.

So this is it
I was speechless and plain happy. Finally I got there but my mind is wandering and analyzing too much that it became hard for me to realize what I was experiencing.

Always take pictures as many as you can

At the end of the trip, the only things that will make you treasure your journey are the moments captured in a photo. This is an instant and specific link between the past and present.

Sometimes there is a sad reality behind what is obvious

There is this news that we heard from a relative in the town proper of Caramoan. They are being deprived of their rights especially those former inhabitants of the islands by the selfishness business of a province official.

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WorldXplorer says:
Great blog and nice photos :)
Posted on: Jun 28, 2010
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