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Had a lazy day at home today.  My sis boyfriend invited a friend over who brought two big lobsters with him.  I've never seen lobsters prepared before and I musgt admit it was quite harrowing.  He snapped off a  leg and it struggled like mad to get away from him.  I felt so sorry for it and strained my ears for the screaming but, thankfully, couldn't hear anything.  After he snapped off another leg he lowered it into the boiling water.  He did the same with the second lobster but by then I had removed myself from the scene of the crime.  Who'd wanna be a lobster eh!  It didn't put me off enjoying it much later though, after they had been seasoned with peppper, garlic, and it was delicious.  Later that night I sat on the balcony with my mum and my sis enjoying the cool night air.  We decided to do karaoke with You Tube.  We started off with Doris Day moving through West Side Story, Tom Jones, Sam Cooke and Elvis.  It was a lot of fun.  Much later (after midnight) we all went along to Club Karma which is on the carenage in St Georges.  Unfortunately it was not a busy night and the club was quite empty and very cold (due mto the air conditioning) apparently it was all happening at Club Bananas tonight!  All the same it was a nice evening.

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