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Roberto's dinner at Macaroni Grill.
Roberto and I originally thought about having dinner in Hermosa Beach before his nighttime flight on Monday. after i got out from work I met up with Roberto and Jelly and family for dinner. We didn't know where to go for dinner since Robert and Jelly spent the day down in the OC. I drove down to South Bay to meet them up in Manhattan Beach for macaroni grill. I didn't know my way around Manhattan Beach so i texted Roberto (from out-of-town haha) where the place was. He writes "Rosecrans Blvd". i thought "this doesn't help me because i don't have a gps and i don't know this area". then he texted "aviation blvd"...then i go "still this doesn't help without a gps". hahaha. eventually though i found them. They talked about what they did today and what strange things they saw...from the fisherman's catching fishes non-stop and how strange the ocean water was. OH and how weird it was to hear Reggae music in an irish pub HAHAHA.

After dinner Jelly had to drive back down to the OC and Roberto had to leave for his flight back to FL. Bye Jelly....see you soon!!! =( we're pretty much neighbors. sort of. I drove Roberto to the LAX for his flight. Sorry dude for my dirty windshields! we didn't take good photos of the LAX. A quick photo with Roberto and off he goes. Ciaooo Roberto my wannabe ghetto homie. =(
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Robertos dinner at Macaroni Grill.
Roberto's dinner at Macaroni Grill.
My dinner.
My dinner.
Jellys dinner.
Jelly's dinner.
Jellys son dinner.
Jelly's son dinner.
group photo!
group photo!
group photo w/ funny faces. hey i …
group photo w/ funny faces. hey i…
very rich chocolate cake. hehe so …
very rich chocolate cake. hehe so…
DEPARTING FLIGHTS and my dirty win…
DEPARTING FLIGHTS and my dirty wi…
LAX sign..oops my dirty windshield…
LAX sign..oops my dirty windshiel…
Good-byeee my friend! =(
Good-byeee my friend! =(