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Well, again I am behind on my journaling! The rest of the sailing trip was much the same. We stopped at several islands that were parks. Some allowed camping, some had toilets but I don’t think any of them had showers. There were small bays scattered all through the islands, little coves that hid around the next bend. Sometimes there would be a boat tucked in there, with the bay all to themselves. Other times, the more popular and bigger bays had numerous boats. It was fairly light boat traffic but with the upcoming holiday weekend, they would soon fill up. In one bay, we had about a dozen boats but David said that he had seen it full with somewhere around 85 boats. That is not my idea of peaceful and relaxing!

 All in all, it was good.

My general thoughts on sailing are these. It is not really for get up and go people. There is not a lot to do on a boat, especially as guests on a boat. I suppose if you had your own, there would always be something to fix or change. Just like a house really. At your own, there are things you need to do. At someone else’s, you sit and watch. The islands offer hiking and exploring. The waters are too cool to do much swimming but you can kayak, if you are not worried about getting dunked in the 50 degree water! But the mornings are leisurely. It’s wakeup, have coffee, eat breakfast and chat. Usually we changed position before lunch, then moored for lunch near a hiking spot. An afternoon walk or some beachcombing for an hour or two. An afternoon sail to our evening mooring bay, dinner and some wine, maybe a little walk or dinghy ride. So not a whole lot of physical activity and it is always on someone else’s schedule.
The food was very good, with a wide variety of different meals. The Nawalak’s website has a form to fill out with special dietary needs and requests. Miranda did a good job of juggling the requests and making gourmet meals in a small and inefficient kitchen, a typical boat galley! We had some vegetarians on board so many of our meals were geared towards them but with added meat for the rest of us. She used fresh and healthy ingredients and a lot of organic stuff. I know that my boyfriend would have been left hungry though, since he eats a great quantity of food. But I’m sure she would have taken care of him! But bring a camera and a good book -  I read one they had on the boat called Spirited Waters, about a women who kayaked solo between Bellingham WA and Ketchikan, Alaska – and prepare for a relaxed time.

So now it’s Tuesday night and I head back to my cottage where I try to decide what to do next. My options are head to Friday Harbor for a couple days, then Kevin’s house for the holiday weekend or head home. I found a hotel on San Juan Island with a reasonable rate but I was too tired to decide and went to bed without a plan.

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