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Chances of seeing whales

I planned to get up early and head out to see if I could have some alone time with the whales but it was gray and dreary out so I finally made it out around 7:30. Still early but there had already been 2 hours of daylight! I went to look of the west coast but found nothing. Then I went to try to find the foxes and sure enough, I saw the cutest black fox with a white tip to his tail. Too cute. Then made the usual stops to sight whales but no luck. Nothing at the lighthouse but a report from 7:30 am had them headed north. Considering that the park doesn’t open until 8, not sure if I could have gotten in. I decided to go see Roche Harbor, making a few stops along the way to check out everything. I didn’t like Roche Harbor. I don’t know why but it was disorienting to me. So I checked out a little resort called Lonesome Cove Resort.

It was cute and a possible place to stay for future reference. I checked out Krystal Farms and their alpacas. Thought about buying some alpaca socks but passed. Went and found the camel. Found myself back in Friday Harbor so I stopped at Downrigger’s for lunch. Again, the meal was good but at a high price. Then back out to Lime Kiln Park where I was so tired, I took a nap in the car. I got out the laptop since it had quit raining and went down to the lighthouse and started typing. At about 3 pm a string of whales made their way by, about 10 or so. Nothing spectacular, just a cruise by and not even anything on the hydrophones. But now I’m caught up on my travel journal, I’m going to go get another sweater and sit here until they come back!

I must have looked officious sitting there typing on my laptop next to a box that one of the volunteers had placed on the picnic table.

It was the hydrophone. I noticed a group of people talking to the volunteers within earshot and one looked my way and said “Oh is that what she’s doing?” I told the group as I typed “I’m translating”. They looked at me blankly for a moment before one guy laughed and I said I’m joking. I think they finally got it! One person asked moments later when the whales would be coming back. I told her I didn’t know, they didn’t tell me.

It was a cold afternoon but at least it had stopped raining. I stayed for a few more hours and was rewarded with another group of whales passing by around 5 pm. Their visit was capped off by a family of river otters just below the rocks from us, their heads popping up and down in the kelp, blending in perfectly. I think there were four but I can’t be sure. Cute as can be! I headed back to the hotel about 6 because I was frozen. Caught up on the blog, worked on pictures and called it a night. Taking the ferry back to the mainland and here ends my trip.

Until next time!

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Posted on: Jul 08, 2010
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Chances of seeing whales
Chances of seeing whales
Friday Harbor
photo by: Toonsarah