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My bunk

I got up this morning planning to take the 10:40 am ferry to San Juan. I got up early, spent a little time trying to find the unattainable affordable weekend rate in Friday Harbor and figured I'd just take my chances when I got there. I was headed to breakfast when I killed a little time by walking the marina. I was headed out when I ran into the captain of the sailboat that the lady from Britian told me about. Since I was curious about the price, I went over to talk with them. Turns out they had room for 2 people on today's 5 day sailing trip. Hmmm...okay, I'll go! It was probably cheaper than San Juan Island! So I'm heading out today until Tuesday! Maybe no blogs for the moment but I'll catch up.

I sit here typing on the dock next to the boat and the rocking motion reminds me I better take some meds for seasickness.

David Lutz of Emerald Isle Sailing Charters
Oh yeah, did I mention I'm prone to puking off the backs of boats? We'll see in a couple days if this was a smart move!

I gathered up my stuff – basically I took everything in the car with me, any clothes I had, sunglasses, shoes, whatever I could find. I wasn’t really prepared for a sailing trip. But what the heck, I’ll make do! So we gathered at the pier and I met my sailing mates, two other couples, one from Chicago and one from Colorado. We loaded our stuff onboard and I found my cabin, a pair of bunkbeds right off the galley. I went on the Nawalak of Emerald Isle Sailing Charters. The crew consisted of David, the captain and Miranda, the chef. One couple knew about sailing since they have their own sailboat but the rest of us were pretty clueless. I guess those sailing lessons I took didn’t sink in.

Dinghy ride
We took off for Friday Harbor for a little walking around, some fuel and some extra groceries. I stopped at a wine shop and picked up some libations. All the others had brought enough wine to last the 5 days. I picked up some shoes more suitable for a boat, rather than my clogs or my hiking boots!

We started our sail by heading south to Squaw Bay on Shaw Island, where we had a picnic lunch. We took the dinghy in to the beach. In case the dinghy crapped out, there was a lovely homemade raft that maybe would have floated, maybe not. We then set sail with the sails up to a nice spot for hiking, on Decatur Island. . The whole day we spent dodging crab pot buoys, thousands and thousands of them! It was a buoy mine field! Brian did a fine job of navigating us through them but it was not a relaxing day of sailing. Then we headed on to Watmough Bay where we anchored for the night. We spotted all kinds of wildlife - harbor seals, eagles, a mink and a raccoon, gulls and some rhinoceros auklets, and pigeon guillemots.

It was a rocking and rolling, windy bay. Miranda made us a mushroom pasta dish with lots of morels, shitakes, criminis and other fungi! Tasty stuff.  I turned in early and rocked and rolled to sleep.


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My bunk
My bunk
David Lutz of Emerald Isle Sailing…
David Lutz of Emerald Isle Sailin…
Dinghy ride
Dinghy ride
Deer Harbor
photo by: LivYorDrem