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Another meetup, and as usual booking my flight was as far as I planned. I arrived in Cali at around 10:30PM, started getting txt messages from other TBs to meetup. Arrived at the hostel near Hermosa Beach at around 11:45PM. Asked the hostel staff for directions to Henry's hat. What city they asked?.... and i was like L.A. They were like never heard of Henry's Hat. So i pulled up the address and showed it to them. Again ... what city?? and i was like what do you mean what city? This is LA right or have I flown to a different country?
He said yeah but there are different cities, your in Hermosa beach. Or maybe he said county, i don't remember. Anyway got Keith on the phone and finally figured out where i was supposed to be. So i asked how long it would take to get there. If you cab it, about an hour without traffic, should cost you about a 100 bux.
... WHAT!!!!
I gave up after finally realizing that LA is HUGE!! there apparently have a traffic problem... and i'm an idiot (well i knew that already, but it was a good reminder)
Ok so i hung out at Hermosa beach and got something to eat. Its a good thing i was really tired. I had no problem sleeping even with the loud music from the pub below.
Woke up the next morning to find myself only a few steps to the beach WOW!! maybe I'm not that big of an idiot. The area was so kool with all the little shops and restaurants.
Spent the day walking around and checking out the area. Missed the lunch and hiking trips.. damn. Anyway BigSur gave me a ride to the boat where I finally meet up with all the TBs.
Angel hooked us up with a boat and DJ etc. she was worried that we would be disappointed if we didn't leave the dock.
...pppffff. We were all just happy to party on a boat :). The party was load of fun. I gotta say i feel like a celebrity at TB meetups, everyone is taking pics. That is until the next day when I actually see the pics.. then I just look like drunk idiot :)
Anyway so the party went on until 12 - 1 AM, i think. Daniel's friend invited us to continue drinking at the wine bar. Jerome, V and I joined them at the wine bar. I felt bad that Jerome had to be the DD, sorry man. Next time i'll drive :D
We hung out at the wine bar for a bit. Jerome took off as he had a flight to catch the next day at 10AM. I confirmed this with him 10 times :)
and asked V what she her job title a few 100 times. :)
Note to all TBS: when i'm drunk please expect stuff like this.
We crashed at Daniel's friend's place. The next morning we went to Hollywood and thanks to Daniel I was able to get a pic with the Hollywood sign. (check that off my list)
After that we met up with Angel, Keith, Wendy, Jerome, Sue, at Mariposa for breakfast. Yadi and Dan found us and we all said good bye to Sue, Wendy and Keith.
After that we hung out at Redonda beach for a while and numbers kept dropping. Angel offered to let me stay with her so i grabbed by stuff from the hostel and we headed to the OC ....

Tamanawas says:
Great blog . . . you write like you talk - very funny! Oh, BTW, after breakfast we said good bye to V, Wendy, and Keith. Some say we all "look alike" but I think one could pick out me or V in a lineup ... we look completely different ...LOL...
Posted on: Sep 25, 2010
castex21 says:
Lol...No apologies needed whatsoever Rob...That's why I rented a car!...and it was 10PM..Haha! Fun as always, sir!
Posted on: Jul 04, 2010
rvegas says:
lol... next time in Visit LA i'm staying in Hermosa.
Posted on: Jul 04, 2010
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