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New Harbor is a working port...and a colorful one at that!

Moody’s was only a half hour away from Shaw’s Wharf in New Harbor, where we would catch our Hardy Boat ferry to Monhegan.  The Hardy Boat ferry is the quickest ride to the island, the only downer being that overnight guests need to park their car in a ball field about a quarter mile from the dock.  My brilliant wife circumvented much of this dilemma by having us all just bring day packs for the overnight on the island so we could abandon the rest of the luggage in the trunk.


The stroll from the ball field to the pier was marked by a reminder of why we love Maine.  We had stepped off the road (be careful if you make this walk as there aren’t any shoulders) when a car came by, causing an old-timer to emerge from his barn and compliment us.

Leaving the mainland behind on Hardy Boats...
  “Most idiots don’t get out of the way of the cahs” he remarked in a fine downeast accent.


Next came a flood of memories as this was the first time Kim and I had been back since our wedding day fifteen years ago.  The boarding routine quickly came back as we confirmed our reservation, paid for parking (a separate transaction that is cash only since Hardy Boats has an arrangement with the guy who owns the field – its only $3 per day so no biggie) and chatted with the captain and crew.


Shortly we were aboard and out to sea.  Plenty of good omens backed the voyage: we were drenched in brilliant sunshine and the water was glass.  This was my fifth or sixth time out to Monhegan and the only time when a fellow passenger didn’t get seasick or I didn’t get drenched by a breaking wave while peering over the bow.  Guess I should note that getting drenched is the usual dilemma and it isn’t that rough of a ride that you need to worry about getting seasick!
Sweetski says:
Ha, no idiots here! Seasoned TravBuddies, experienced hikers you are. And getting drenched is just one more attribute of the true traveller. Though, most of the drenching is done in bars :)
Posted on: Jul 03, 2010
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New Harbor is a working port...and…
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New Harbor, Maine
New Harbor, Maine
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Shaw's Wharf - New Harbor, Maine
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Our ferry to Monhegan at Shaw's W…
Theres Monhegan!
There's Monhegan!
New Harbor
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