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I lied and told my hotel guy I was going to Agra because every time I just tell the truth and say I'm swapping hotel they always get arsey and try persuading me otherwise. I went to to the one Suj recommended but they said it was 300 not 150, the one next door was 200 with bathroom and it was actually not ridiculously hot. I think it's better with the window closed because the hot air is banished outside.

Later on I met Suj at the at the Madan cafe again and after we ate, decided to go to the station to book tickets to Agra. The station is sooo busy! Full of people everywhere, either those waiting for trains, or those that have made it their home, just all laying down on the floor, stairs, platforms, roof, everywhere! So many people tried to divert us to their shitty tourist offices, instead of the real information booth (1st floor, there's a massive blue sign) but we finally got there and it was so nice and air conditioned and with some confusion figured out trains from the salesman who was wearing a doctor coat.

We then spent ages looking for the Metro and went to the Red Fort which cost a rip-off 250Rs but it was so big and beautiful and had nice gardens which so far is the only clean, calm part of Delhi I have seen and a much deserved break was had. The fort had many different parts to it and was beautifully detailed. Of course there was illegitimate guides and bag searcher people that thought my tampons were like a bomb or something, and I tried (and failed) to explain what they were, while Suj was just cracking up laughing at me, and people sneakily trying to take pictures of me. Well I guess, I was sneakily taking pictures of them so it's only fair the other way round.

After that we walked back toward Jama Masjid but went looking for food instead and walked all the way down Chowni Chowk where there was absolutely no real food but lots of plumbing, paper and wedding invitation card shops.
Like Vietnam, they have no sense of competition and place all similar shops next to/on top of/under each other. In the end we gave up and got the metro back to Pahar Ganj but to AR Askram Marg station which is so much closer than stupid New Delhi station, and ended up going to Madan again where I got aloo ghobi and then collapsed back in the hotel.

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New Delhi
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