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Was going to get up early and get the hell out of dodge and grab a ticket from Delhi travel guide">New Delhi to Agra but was so tired I slept on and off until 11am and didn't want to get to Agra late so decided to stay one more day, yikes! I went to the train station anyway beecause I researched on the internet I could get a train from ND station for 120 at 10.30am and this solves two problems: 1. I'm less likely to oversleep and miss my train than the 7am one and get stuck in Delhi, and 2. If I did wake up I won't get stuck in traffic/end up paying 1000Rs for a rickshaw to wherever the hell Nizamuddin station is.

In the ticket office I bumped into Suj who I thought had already got the 5am train but he'd just bought a ticket for the 5pm one, so we went to get food at one of the many places opposite the station. Delhi belly here I come!

I ended up going back to my room and sleeping and reading up on places I want to go to because I actually don't like this city one bit. I thought after 7 months in S.E. Asia I'd be okay, I mean, I LOVED Bangkok, I could live there easily, but Delhi? No way. The difference is, in S.E. Asia you got a break from the "hello mister" "tuk-tuk?" "lady you want massaaaaage?" Whereas as here it's just constant. I would love for someone to offer me a massage. There's just no escape from it all: the heat, the people, the noise, the dust, the bricks almost landing on your head, the rickshaws and the smell of urine and shit pretty much everywhere.

At least in Bangkok there was awesome markets where you could joke with the people and actually bargain with them, parks where you could chill out, and people in S.E. Asia were genuinely interested in talking to you whereas here I felt even the most honest of conversations end up with: come to the tourist office, no you not want to go that way, etc. I did the classic Livia and I joke: "Rickshaw, 20Rs anywhere" *Me thinking of a ridiculously long distance* "Okay, Mumbai, 20Rs, lets go!" "Hahaha, okay" And he did actually leave me alone. I wonder how much a cycle rickshaw to Mumbai actually would be.

I've just had dinner on this rooftop cafe and I can still hear all the chaos below. I didn't think I'd say this but I can't wait to leave. The rest of India best be better otherwise I hope AirAsia has some good deals to Indonesia. Saying all that, I did just see loads of children on the rooftops playing with their kites in the non-existent wind which was a nice end to the day.

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New Delhi
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