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I dragged myself out of bed, paid creepy hotel guy (no, for the last time I do NOT want a massage from you) and got my 7.30am (yippe) train back to Pahar Grunge, Delhi. Obviously gained another 1000 or so Starey McStares. Went back to Nanima's place (I don't know her name nor the hotel name) Walked around, thought I'd humour some of the sales people and chat to them for a bit. One started asking me about "in England, do you have cat parties" "Erm... what?" "You know, sex parties where people dress up as cats?", the next guy reckoned he lived in Sheffield for a bit because his brother owns a restaurant there, apparently he missed Pahar Grunge too much. I know Sheffield ain't exactly paradise... but Pahar Grunge, c'mon. Another guy started talking to me about modelling... yeah okay, I had to humour him the most because he has a shop opposite Nanima's and once we got past the creepiness he was quite friendly. So far, I have found most, if not every guy, to be creepier than the guys from 'Jersey Shore' and just downright dregrading to women. 

Oh yeah, I also realised the reason why the street smells like piss and shit, it because they have these open air urinals pretty much in the middle of the rubble pile. Great. 

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic