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So, I have a week to go. I'm still waiting on my visa, I don't even have shorts that fit properly, nor any other clothing that is suitable for 45C weather other than my old funky 'traveller' shorts from the last trip that probably should have been giving to the rag and bone man (we don't actually have one...) a long time ago. I'll probably still end up wearing them just for the memories, and try to ignore the fact the smell of mould, are various colours due to the stains, and have a massive whole in the bum that I have sewn up in the middle of nowhere with a £1 sewing kit. So yeah, some 'hot weather' clothes should probably be on the agenda...
I've managed to wrangle some malarone from my dad, only a month's worth though, and of course the ubiquitous DEET repellent!
I land in Delhi on 1st July, at like 10am, I intend not to get interrogated nor scammed and hang around the capital for a week or so... we'll see how well this goes. Then Livia my amazing travel partner and friend will arrive and we shall head of into the wild west! Perhaps now would be a good time to research where I'm actually wanting to go...
It's so strange, last time I went travelling we literally planned it for months, this time, I've barely thought about it and now am quite nervous. Perhaps because last time I was literally doing nothing else with my life except working a shitty job 7 days a week and focused all my thoughts and energy onto the trip (which was WELL worth it), whereas this year university has taken up pretty much all my time; not necessarily the studying, but just the lifestyle (talking of study, I should be revising now instead of writing this but hey, welcome to my life.)
Anyways, I just wanted to write something, try and get back into it (and practise for my upcoming exam!)
Peace out.
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photo by: HelenP