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Elsie liked the food at the Miami airport

Marrakech is definitely worth a visit.  Don't let the local scammers and hustlers in the medina discourage you.  Most Moroccans are very nice.  If they are nice to you inside the medina it's best to assume they are trying to get some money from you though.

First of all here are the lessons I learned about Marrakech:

1.  The taxi ride from the airport to Djemaa el Fna should only be 60dh, but I'm not good enough to bargain down that far (I got it to 70dh).  Before you leave the terminal take out 60dh, hand it to the driver, and tell him where you want to go.  Don't let him handle your bags until he agrees.  If he doesn't agree move on to the next taxi.

2.  Don't take pictures of the airport from the tarmac!  Evidently it's considered a strategic interest.

3.  If you know where your lodging is located walk purposefully, sunglasses on (so they can't see your eyes), and when all the hustlers offer to guide you just smile and wave them off.  Don't hesitate.  If you don't know where your lodging is arrange ahead of time for them to meet you.

4.  After you've dropped your bags at the riad, then it's time to relax and enjoy.

5.  Even if someone claims not to be a guide and just wants to be friendly, be assured you will end up with less money if you follow.

6.  Some of the best food (and least likely to give you stomache aches) in Marrakech is served in the riads.  You don't have to lodge there to eat there.

7.  For excursions follow the referrals of your riad.  It seems like it's cheaper.

powderfan says:
Thanks everybody! It was fun to go :)
Posted on: Dec 08, 2011
Africancrab says:
Congratulations, you got featured. Well done, and thanks for the contribution. Happy trails!
Posted on: Dec 08, 2011
Hadi25 says:
Congrats to be featured :)
Posted on: Dec 08, 2011
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Elsie liked the food at the Miami …
Elsie liked the food at the Miami…
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