Day 9: Yeah, I fell asleep in an environment similar to a rock concert. Got a problem with that?

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He was grabbing his crotch, so I just had to take a picture. Reminds me of people I know back home. 0_o
The morning was a bit of a blur. I vaguely remember quick, rushed farewells to our fellow travelers. It was the only people from our school going on to Blanes, in Costa Brava. Part of the group was going to spend another week in Spain (I was very jealous). It was back onto Julia for an hour drive up the coast. After short conversation, most of us slept for the duration of the bus ride. Exhaustion was beginning to catch up.

We arrived, got settled into our hotel, and we were off. I went with three other girls walking around the area. It was a small, beach town, sort of like you might find in Southern California, except much more European. I managed to find some cute clothes, and, after getting hit on by one of the shop owners, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a cafe across the street from our hotel.
Crappy beach picture from the bus.

I never really will figure out if I'm really good at Spanish, or if I suck majorly. One woman and I made fun of the three I was with who can't speak a word of Spanish, but then another one couldn't understand when I asked where the nearest gelateria (ice cream parlor) was. For the most part, people seemed to be able to understand what I was saying, though I did have to use some big hand gestures; but at least I got to brush up on my miming.

In the afternoon, we mostly checked out the hotel. It wasn't as terrifying as the one in Montpellier, but the swimming pool was fun. The outdoor one was freezing (I got hypothermia), but the indoor was almost spa-like. We got bored, and then decided to get ready for flamenco. Unfortunately, one of the girls was challened in all areas concerning that of the female (hair, make-up, fashion).
So I did her hair. Her make-up. Picked out her outfit. Let me tell you how difficult that was. She really wanted to wear this one shirt, which really didn't look that great on her, but I had some energy, so I was able to lie. At least I made her make-up look good, but I'm really sad I didn't have my eyelash curler with me at the time. My roommates came in and gave me a "What the fuck" look, but I could only roll my eyes and mime killing myself (I was becoming an excellent mimer at this point).

After dinner (and a mad dash for lemon ice cream), we piled onto a mini-Julia to go to flamenco. The bus ride was enjoyable as always, but I was cursed with the "danger de morte" seat. It was the only one with a broken seat belt. Damn them. We had a bit of a fiasco when I couldn't remember a line from Harry Potter, but it was from the movie, so it was understandable (I thought of it eventually).

Some how, our bus driver managed to get lost, and we ended up in the middle of a medieval dinner at a mini castle. I was trying to get the knight on a horse to wave at me, but he didn't, so I flipped him off. Once we actually managed to get to the flamenco, it was quite different than I thought it would be. First, one man took my ticket, and then kissed my hand, which no one has ever done before. Plus, he was good-looking, so it made everything better. Then you took a picture with two guys in costume as well. One of them looked EXACTLY like James Potter. It was the highlight of my day (and possibly the trip).

At the tables, we were given complimentary styrofoam (at least it tasted that way), champagne, sangria, ooke, and grape soda (for the non-drinkers). Apparently, sangria is a drink that is meant to be drunk slowly. We didn't know that, and next thing you know, three pitchers had come and gone. It was actually pretty cheap and gross, but hey, alcohol is alcohol. The champagne wasn't too bad either.

The flamenco was really exciting. There were a few introductory acts that consisted of musicians singing and dancing (including James Potter!!!). Then the flamenco dancers came out. There were many lights and fog machines. One of the male dancers looked like Chuck Norris, so that's what we called him. One chick sort of looked like Eva Mendes if she were a bit older.

Out of nowhere, I suddenly felt exhausted. There was loud music, tons of lights, and dancing, but I managed to practically fall asleep. I could barely keep my eyes open. I don't know how.

We almost died (again) on the way back home. The driver was absolutely horrible. He ran into another bus, almost ran over an old woman, and then he nearly backed into a fountain. It sort of sounded like he had the bus in the wrong gear the entire time. Like reverse instead of one.

Once back at the hotel, we didn't really do much of anything. Contemplated hopping over the balcony the boys' room, decided we were too lazy, showered, and went to bed.

What happened on our last day? Pure freedom. Bwhahaha. The baguettes come full circle!
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He was grabbing his crotch, so I j…
He was grabbing his crotch, so I …
Crappy beach picture from the bus.
Crappy beach picture from the bus.
photo by: kalita_piskot