Day 1: How a Plane Flight Can Simultaneously Rock and Suck Hardcore

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Ah, flying. What a wonderful thing...not.

The flight from Phoenix to Cincinnati wasn't so bad, except when the humidity melted my skin off (inside, mind you). Then our plane was delayed because the entertainment system on the plane was broken. Originally, it was supposed to be a three-hour delay, but it ended up being only about half an hour.

I made the mistake of assuming I woud be able to sleep on the plane, despite the fact that I have to be in a certain position to be able to sleep in a bed and have slept in anything except a bed only once or twice in my life (not counting when I was a baby, and I thought the kitchen floor was comfortable). So, needless to say, it was a very long flight.

After we ate, I didn't really have anything to do. I quickly grew tired--too tired to read, too tired to work on my Sudoku puzzles. What to do? Since it was a not-so-exciting Delta flight, I could only watch whatever was on the few televisions inside the plane. The first film was Music and Lyrics. Romantic comedies are too painful for me to watch. I would have been in heaven if they had shown The Fountain or Pan's Labyrinth. But they didn't.

After a while, they started to show a random documentary about how oceanic animals will evolve in the next few thousand years (which I later discovered that I once watched on Animal Planet). There were a bunch of flying fish and this psycho squid. It wasn't just a squid. It was like a giant squid on acid. It was changing colors. The ADD child in me got really excited.

On the radio channels were a few random talk channels and music stations. The most interesting part was a discussion on how best to perform a hand massage. It was fascinating.

A few friends and I were awake, and we found very interesting ways to entertain ourselves. Someone said, "LSD," and I took it upon myself to start singing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." I looked like I was on LSD too.

Once everyone was awake and we began to eat breakfast, I suddenly became very hyper. Everything was funny. Don't ask me why. It just was. I was so tired, that I don't really remember much, except that the bananas were frozen. That was pretty trippy.

Then we landed. Day 2 began.

What happens when twelve mildly [?] insane teenagers are let loose to roam the streets of London? Find out in the next post!!!
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photo by: ulysses