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TravBuddy'ing Sarajevo

So this is all about my one week trip to Bosnia.


It’s a great country which I fell in love with. A place that lived troubled times since it was founded, a place where four different religions are giving an example that it’s possible to live along in peace while still tryin to put aside their history of conflicts.


Also it’s interesting to how Sarajevo is bouncing back from the years of war and the longest siege in modern history. The marks are everywhere for you to see: bullet shots in the buildings, a huge cemetery on a hill, the tunnel, Sarajevo roses.


This is eastern side of Western Europe and the western point Eastren Europe, some say its like a European Istanbul.


Its very safe, there are not many tourists, the locals are helpful although some of them are not really that accustomed with tourists but in the end everything was fantastic and I hope I will see Sarajevo in the future.


So visit Bosnia, go see Sarajevo and celebrate diversity. Or if not for that just think like this: where else in the world you’ll see a girl with a burka (I’ve seen two) next to another one with in a miniskirt, a tattoo, a belly button piercing having a beer with her friends in an open bar. All this while in the background the sounds of a mosque calling to prayer mix with bells of some catholic and orthodox cathedrals separated by a synagogue.


That’s me signing off. Safe travels!


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TravBuddying Sarajevo
TravBuddy'ing Sarajevo
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photo by: Marius1981