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Never forget-

  • one good book
  • address book
  • camera battery and charger
  • camera usb
  • lens cleaner
  • camera to PC cord
  • Laptop cabel
  • plug adaptors
  • lens cleaner
  • Small travel umbrella (I've learned, I bought one in Italy and one in Austria...  now I take my own)
  • MP3 player
  • Nintendo DS, and usb cable
-Health care
  • Gluclose tablets (cause I get cranky if I dont eat and trips are crazy, sometimes you cant find food when you need it, sometimes you dont like the food and dont eat enough, the tablets are better than sweeties or crisps and small to have on you)
  • Head ache, stomach ache, motion sickness pills
  • Sun screen (when needed)
  • Bug spray (when needed) -I found small whipes in the US that can fit in a purse or a camera case, excilent!
  • Little rolls of Loo Roll aka TP, you never know when you'll run out or when the stuff in the hotel is going to be too rough for those of you with sensitive bottoms
  • Shampoo, body and face wash in tiny bottles (I get bottles and refill useing the stuff I have, the bottles work well and it's cheaper to use what you normally do, and it doesnt muck up your hair changing types all the time)...  dont forget the face wash, cause hotels normally only do soap
  • BO buster, aka deodorant
  • Makeup...  if you use it
  • Tooth brush and paste
  • Razor if you're gonna shave stuff  ;)
  • The basics -socks, unders, cloths for a day out, good shoes, pj's...  I normally forget something, it's almost always the pj's. 
  • For hot locations...  swim suit, shorts, something for over swimsuit, tank tops, sandles, short socks, hat, sunglasses
  • For cold places...  Carrie for f@!*s sake!  Dont forget your freaking coat!  I've been to Iceland twice now.  Great place by the way.  Both times, I took my leather jacket and bought a winter coat whilst I was there.  Look, if it's a cold place and it MIGHT not 100% even but just MIGHT be cold pack your bloody jacket!  Do you know how many coats I have and I've had to buy new ones twice cause it was supposed to be nice there!  Ha ha ha!  Record snow fall New Years 2003!  Take that weather man!  It was bloody cold.  be prepaired... Okay, also, lots of socks, a pair or two of gloves and a scarf, a hat if you want to too.
  • When there's a formal event, dont forget your nylons and dress shoes, they do you no good in the closet at home.  And, your Hubby wants his gray tie, not the black one cause in the UK black ones are only for when someone dies.
That's about all there is to it.  If Im bored or I know there's going to be some sitting time when I go to or get somewhere I can never bank on a tv in the room...  I spent 48 hours watching a marathon of Monkey World one time cause we got snowed in...  Again thank you Iceland... it really is a great place.  So, I load up my laptop (externial harddrive) with Anime, take DVDs or PC games with me, disks are small.  I normally have a book or two, sometimes a sketch book, and always a pack of cards.  Also, Nintendo DS!  Oh, how I love my toys. If all else fails I do have a mini monoply and yatzee...  oh, God my spelling is bad, sorry. 

  • Please GOD! no bum packs or money purse thingies that go under your shirt.  The water proof ones are good if you're somewhere with a beach or whatever but the others.  Ha!  Scream mug me in a back alley cause Im a tourist who has money to hide.  Besides, I've never seen one that looks nice
  • No American Express, sorry, the ads lie, basicly you can use those cards when you travel the US...  and only if you're lucky.  Master and Visa are the way to go as well as Mastero. 
  • Sneer!  Stop sneering, you may not know you do it but man, so many people sneer when they dont like or understand something, dont do it.  remember you're somewhere where people eat, look at or do that on a daily basis.  It cant be so bad.  Get over it, talk about it as negitivly as you like when you're home, in private...  quietly  :P

Right, Im sure I forgot crap but it's late and I want to go to bed now, I'll add to it as I remember.  Besides, I have to do this again in about a week for our cruise so now it's done and I can just come and look here any time I need the list  :)  This is sort of cool.  Hay De, if you ever read this, thanks for the link !
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photo by: frogchan79