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Soufriere hills volcano,an active volcano that killed 19 inhabitants in 1997.More than half of Montserrat's inhabitants had been moved away,mostly in U.K
                          Known as "The Emerald Isle of Carribean" not just because its green lush landscapes but also because of its Irish connections which date back the 17th century.It is the only country in the world outside Irland where St Patrick is a public holiday...  Located  southeast of Puerto Rico,in the Leeward islands,part of the lesser Antilles in the Carribean sea,Montserrat once famous for pop stars like Elton John,the Rolling Stones,Stevie Wonder...(who recorded music in George Martin's Air Studio closed after the hurricane Hugo that devastated the island) ,is now best known for Soufriere Hills,an active,devastating and fatal volcano in the southern part of the island.
the new town in the north of the island,theoretically out of reach of further volcanic activity

                         After laying dormant since prehistoric times,the volcano began erupting in 1995 and much of the tiny island(101 sqkm in size)  has been devastated  and two-thirds of its population has fled abroad(U.K mostly).The former capital Plymouth lies buried under 40 feet of volcanic ash in places.
                        Unfortunately in 1997 the Soufriere Hills erupted again causing 19 death;a pyroclastic flow destroyed what was left of Plymouth and the Bramble's airport was abandoned.
                       Since then an Exclusion Zone has been in place and  by this time more than half of the inhabitants had been moved away.The eruption continues to day on a much reduced scale.In January 2010,pyroclastic flows reached the sea.In February 2010 a Vulcanian explosion occured and few days later the lava dome collapsed and sent a huge column of ash that has reached Antigua.
                       Now Brades village is the temporary centre of government and a new town at Little Bay in the north of the island is under construction.

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Soufriere hills volcano,an active …
Soufriere hills volcano,an active…
the new town in the north of the i…
the new town in the north of the …