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I love Brittany, the climate is quite surprising there, where a bight sun can be accompnied with light rain and huge rainbow.  As a child, I spent all my summer holliday fishing, collecting oyster, sailing and claiming rock with my cousin. The seaside is wild and there is nothing like taking a bath in a small crick, or watching the sun going down on the cliff. I have been to our holliday house at various period of the year and every time it is like I discover a full new place. It is like the elements are playing together to create a new athmosphere, the lights, the wind, the water creates different colors, sometime it can eaven change in the same day.

St Gildas de Rhuys is a small village, 200 inhabitants in Winter and up to 3000 in Summer. It is the kind of place where everyone drives a bike and forgot about his car, and the usual stress. The main attraction of the day is the morning market where everyone fight over the fresh fish, where kids are afraid of the different crab, after that come the afternoon by the beach and at last the afternoon with the neighbor.

If you ever go there just, buy a far au pruneau at the bakery, like the place it has a simple appearence, an incredibly sweet taste and a delicate flavor.

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Saint Gildas de Rhuys
photo by: bipbipouai