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I had to work Saturday again because the Norwegian national ice hokey team was staying over (all guys in their 20's by the way) It turned out to be a good day luckily. In the evening I already left for Helsinki. My Finnish friend kindly invited me to his flat for the rest of the weekend, because it is definitely more fun to do sightseeing together. Also, it´s a great chance to see how Finnish students live and what they are up to...that is the great plus. I came to Finland to get an all round view of the country - not only seeing it through tourists' eyes. After a dreadful 5 hours train ride, my pal came to meet me already at the railway station and we made a short walk through nightly Helsinki, which is a lot more lively than Savonlinna to be sure! Secondly, it didn't look all that much different from home - the modern part and shopping streets that is. Further my pal also took me around the major parts of the city before heading to his place. The next morning we first went to see some naturally formed potholes in the neighborhood and after that it was time to explore Helsinki on foot. Unfortunately weather wasn´t on our side and rain showers interfered every few minutes:( It was also the day of the formula 1 grand prix in Sao Paulo - and as Mikka Häkkinen was competing, my friend sure didn't want to miss out an that. Well equipped with a box of mint flavored ice cream, we went over to his friends in Espoo. Now they were what I call outgoing! At least they didn´t ignore me and spoke very well English. Between brackets, Häkkinen won the race and as far as hockey is concerned, the Norwegian team got beaten up by the  Finns with 0-6.

Monday we basically took it easy. My pal still wanted to go look for furniture for his brand new apartment. We got back rather late and I even had to sprint to catch the last train back to Savo. Only two minutes between leaving the car and finding my track...but I made it!!!! Also this Saturday I had to work, but  Sunday Ils and I left for the trip of a lifetime! We cruised to Stockholm, Sweden. Now that was amazingly awesome and this story is going to take up at least as many more pages...for all the juicy love boat details including a glamorous boat, overwhelming pig out buffets, drunk Fins, sexy Swedes and two lovely Belgian girls ...please tune in to the next entry!

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photo by: portia