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Hello everyone , it's me, Tania - remember- finally sending out a sign of life. Wrong guess for those of you who already started to think I got frozen in under the polar ice after moving here to Finland. First of all; sorry to all of my Belgian friends and college chums, but as you all understand the "movie" language pretty well - I won't bother translating this all over to Dutch. Life up here in the North is stressingly busy enough as it is. You'll sure understand, not? 

Okidoki - enough pointless blah blah. How about I start telling what´s been going on out here over the past few weeks? I think I clued most of you in up until my 21st birthday party and my horrible fall on slippery ice the next day. As far as my arm is concerned, all blue & bruised spots have vanished but some cramps still remain. My knee is still nicely blue though. 

Life here in Finland is full of adventures. Both good and bad, but luckily the good ones outnumber the not so good ones by far. Most of my days are filled with new experiences. In the mean while I´ve seen my very first ice hockey match,  ate reindeer and learned how to go to sauna. At first I thought it was inhumanly hot & I had to run out and hit the cold shower already after 5 minutes. But with a bit more practice I now get up to 30 minutes already. Of course the after parties, munching on  loads of Karelian pastries and drinking ice cold Golden Cap Apple Cider,  make these weekly sauna parties with my Finnish pal Minna and fellow Belgian friend Ils, something to look forward to.

As you can see, my evenings are pretty much filled with activities, but so are my days. Mondays and Thursdays I take classes at the business and marketing faculty, the rest of the week I complete my apprenticeship in a swanky business hotel here in town, where they serve lots of great cakes and pastries and food in general. For some odd reason I´m always hungry here....and I ought to slow down now that my jeans are becoming tighter and tighter.        

Usually work here is fine - Unless they put me on weekend shifts like last week.

Luckily I got last Tuesday off instead and my Finnish friend from the west coast came over to visit. That sure was fun!

Savonlinna is a pretty small "city".  In Belgian standards I´d call it merely a town - but well... The main attraction here is the castle Olavinlinna; so my friend and I went to see it from the inside. Good thing about coming on a weekday was to get a private guided tour   with of course plenty of opportunities to fire of questions about the history of the fortress, which was right up my alley. Sadly I had duties f or the rest of the week until Thursday evening when my  fellow Belgian exchange student Ils and I took the night train to Rovaniemi;  the capital city of Lapland


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