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Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen and prepare for an extra long and ultra boring update on life here in the North.  If I recall well   the previous episode of my life's soap opera ended in Lapland. In the mean while the setting has changed a little and my story now continues from a nearly snow free environment. Let me take a break for a couple of minutes and mull over what's been happening since.

Oh yes  EASTER  this is where I left off. Thanks for all of your e-cards and virtual eggs. Hope you found mine in your inbox as well.

My Easter was quite alright; not what I had expected though...  I reckon I mentioned Minna before. This nice girl is our tutor here in Finland. She is supposed to clue us in on Finnish customs and help us out with problems that might occur (and she gets school credit for that but I actually think she genuinely likes us.)  She invited us over to spend Easter at here parent's in the country side. Looked awesome to us...

Reisjärvi, Minna's home village is about 7 hours driving from Savonlinna, so it was pretty late already when we got there and we felt so beat that we immediately went to sleep.

"Good Friday" is a bank holiday here in Finland and  Minna's relatives decided to spend it at their summer cottage at the lake. It made for an adventurous day again. All covered up in ski suits, gloves and other warm stuff, Ils and I went ice fishing. Needless to say that the fish wouldn't bite. Sure, what kind of a fish would want to eat a pathetic gross little red worm?

The snow scooter ride was a lot more fun. Speed devil as I am, I truly enjoyed cruising the snow covered lake until I was hungry and could fry my sausages in the cottage's fire place. Speaking of eating, Minna kept stuffing us with truckloads of food. We had to try all these Finnish specialties, feeling stuffed or not. After three days I figured that if I was going to eat any more food, I would die!

Anyways that was the fun day. Saturday we just staid at home. Over here it is a tradition that little kids dress up as witches and bring willow tree branches with kittens to the houses, recite a poem and get money for it. Sort of  like Halloween's trick or treat. Now in the afternoon, Minna´s best friend (who's 20!!!) came over dressed up like that.

Then they figured it would be fun if we all dressed up like that and went into town. Not wanting to be the odd one out, I played along. My witch alter ego didn't look very mean though. It was more or less an Alanis Morissette clone  after these girls were done with me. We then went to put a spell on most of Minna and her BF´s friends.

In the evening we went to see the koko. That´s a huge fire they light in the middle of town to chase away all witches and evil spirits. Apparently it dates back from  those times they burnt all people suspected of practicing witchcraft... Nothing too spectacular though. Beside, my feet in NOKIA boots were freezing off, so I quickly headed to the house to hit the warm sauna.

Now to Easter Sunday then. Minna´s sister had to sing in church and we understood the family would very much appreciate it if we came along to church. Now to start with, I´m NOT Lutheran and I hardly ever walk into a church apart from touristic visits. But as they had been very hospitable to us, we figured it was the least we could do. Good girl as I am, I sat through the entire dead boring service of which I didn't understand a single word... 

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